Exporting PSoC® Creator™ Project to Some Versions of ARM® µVision® Fails - KBA215839

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    Translation - Japanese:  PSoC®Creator™プロジェクトの一部のバージョンのARM®µVision®へのエクスポートが失敗する - KBA215839- Community Translated (JA)



    When I try to export a PSoC Creator project to µVision, I am getting the following error message. How can I fix this?


    "The export has failed. Keil µVision was unable to write to the µVision project target projectName.uvproj. This file may be open in another instance of µVision or marked read only. Close µVision or make the project file writable, then try to export again"



    Exporting a PSoC Creator project to ARM µVision versions from v5.16 to v5.20 may fail. If so, you should upgrade your µVision installation to a newer version. If a newer version is not available, downgrade your installation to a version lower than v5.16.


    You can download earlier versions of µVision from http://www.keil.com/download/product