Stopping the Internal Watchdog Timer in Traveo™ S6J3XXX Series and CY9D560 Series MCUs – KBA217972

Version 5

    Author: ShusakuS_56   Version: *A


    Translation - Japanese: Traveo™ S6J3XXX シリーズおよび CY9D560 シリーズ MCU の内部ウォッチドッグ タイマーの停止について - KBA217972 - Community Translated (JA)



    Is it possible to stop the internal watchdog timer in Traveo S6J3110/3120/3200/3300/3350/3360/3370/3400/3510 series and CY9D560 series MCUs?



    S6J3110/3120/3200/3300/3350/3360/3370/3400/3510 series and CY9D560 have a hardware watchdog timer and a software watchdog timer.

    The hardware watchdog timer is always on except for the PSS (Power Saving State) mode operation. In PSS mode, the count operation of the hardware watchdog timer is stopped.

    However, you can stop the software watchdog timer in both of Run (Run State) and PSS operations.


    This KBA applies to the following series of Traveo MCUs:

    - S6J3110

    - S6J3120

    - S6J3200

    - S6J3300

    - S6J3350

    - S6J3360

    - S6J3370

    - S6J3400

    - S6J3510

    - CY9D560


    The prefix MB of the product has been changed to CY. For instance, MB9D5XX has been changed to CY9D5XX.