Checking the ROM/RAM Size for Each File in FR Family FR81S CY915XX Series MCUs – KBA217989

Version: *A



How do I check the ROM/RAM size for each file of FR81S MCUs?



You can check the ROM/RAM size of each using a list file of SOFTUNE.


In the SOFTUNE Workbench, select the menu item Project > Setup Project > C/C++ Compiler. In the Setup Project dialog, go to the C/C++ Compiler tab, and select the Creates an assembly list file option. After compiling this setting, an assembly list will be created. Check the ROM/RAM size in this assembly list.



This knowledge base article applies to the following series of FR81S MCUs:

  • CY91520
  • CY91550
  • CY91570
  • CY91580
  • CY91590


The prefix MB of the product has been changed to CY. For instance, MB915XX has been changed to CY915XX.