VCXO Parameters Cannot Be Updated via “Large Change Programming” Feature in Functionally Programmed Devices in ClockWizard 2.1 GUI - KBA218461

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    Translation - Japanese: ClockWizard 2.1 GUIの機能的にプログラムされたデバイスに関して「Large Change Programming」機能を介してVCXOパラメータを更新できない - KBA218461 - Community Translated (JA)



    For functionally programmed devices that support VCXO parameters, these parameters cannot be updated via Large Change Programming in the ClockWizard 2.1 GUI. Can this be fixed?



    Blank devices can be functionally programmed or eFuse programmed using the ClockWizard 2.1 GUI. The ClockWizard 2.1 provides the Large Change Programming feature to make changes in parameters such as the output frequency and VCXO parameters for VCXO-enabled devices in the programmed parts for evaluating the device performance.


    In ClockWizard 2.1, VCXO parameter changes cannot be updated for functionally programmed devices due to a defect in application that uses the Large Change Programming. However, VCXO parameter changes can be updated for eFused devices. This issue will be fixed in the next release of the ClockWizard.


    In VCXO-enabled devices, to evaluate the VCXO parameters through functional programming, change the VCXO parameters in the configuration settings and then functionally program the device as described below.


    1. Set the VCXO-related parameters to the required updated values in the Configure > Common section.
    2. Generate JEDEC.
    3. Perform Functional programming.