Make CCGx Device Without Enabled Billboard Work with EZ-PD Configuration Utility - KBA218871

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    Translation - Japanese: EZ-PD Configuration Utility で ビルボードの無い CCGx デバイスに対応する - KBA218871 - Community Translated (JA)



    How do I use the EZ-PD Configuration Utility to recognize a CCGx device that has only I2C bootloader and no available billboard?



    Generally, a USB Type-A to Mini B cable is needed to connect a CCGx device to the PC to use EZ-PD Configuration Utility. However, many designs like notebook have an I2C bootloader inside the CCGx device and have no billboard device, so it brings some inconveniences to the product development phase.


    Actually, this issue can be fixed with assistance of Cypress EVB Kit. CY4501, CY4521, CY4531, and CY4541 have CY7C65215, a USB-Serial Bridge device, to implement the transition function from I2C to USB2.0.


    Do the following, with CY4531 as an example:


    1. Connect pins I2C_INT / I2C_SCL / I2C_SDA between the target board and the CY4531 baseboard.
    2. Power up the CCGx device on the target board.
    3. Power up the CY4531 board, and ensure that proper voltage exists on VDDIO and VSYS.
    4. Connect the CCG_XRES pin to ground.
    5. Connect the USB Mini B on CY4531 daughter board to the PC.


    The CCGx device is recognized and read by the EZ-PD Configuration Utility.


    Do note that this is just a workaround to meet the demands of the CCGx function validation phase; HPI on the I2C master should be implemented to work with the I2C bootloader for full function realization.