CCG3 and CCG4 Projects Build Issue in SDK 3.0.1 - KBA218941

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    Translation - Japanese: SDK 3.0.1 での CCG3 と CCG4 プロジェクト ビルドの問題 - KBA218941 - Community Translated (JA)



    CCG3 and CCG4 projects in SDK 3.0.1 do not build with the following error message: “build error: cannot open linker script file .\cmog_1.Id: No such file or directory”. Is there a solution for this?



    This error occurs when you use PSOC Creator 4.0 or a higher version instead of PSoC Creator 3.3 DP1 for the SDK projects. The build failure is due to a change in PSoC Creator, which has broken backward compatibility with projects that use custom linker scripts.


    To make the compiler work with PSoC Creator 4.0 (or a higher version), you must rename the linker script files provided in the SDK. These are located in the [project].cydsn folder. For example, if ‘CYPD3125-40LQXI_notebook’ fails to build, then the files will be found in the ‘CYPD3125- 40LQXI_notebook.cydsn’ folder (or similar for the other projects).


    The cm0gcc_1.ld file should be renamed (or copied) with the name, cm0g_1.ld The cm0gcc_2.ld file should be renamed (or copied) with the name, cm0g_2.ld.