Migrating from 48-FBGA MRAM to 60-FBGA nvSRAM - KBA218078

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    Translation - Japanese: 48-FBGA MRAMから60-FBGA nvSRAMへの移行 - KBA218078 - Community Translated (JA)



    What are the steps that are needed when migrating from 48-FBGA MRAM to 60-FBGA nvSRAM device?



    Cypress offers 16-Mb nvSRAM in a 60-ball FBGA package. When you are migrating from MRAM (48-ball FBGA) to nvSRAM, you should make the following modifications based on the footprint.


    1. Create 12 structural Vss pads at corners of the nvSRAM package.
    2. Connect ball A6 (NC) of MRAM to Vcc which is ball C8 (CE2) of nvSRAM.
    3. Leave ball E3 (DC) of MRAM either floating or pull up to Vcc which is ball G5 (HSB#) of nvSRAM. Do not short to Vss.
    4. Add an additional capacitor (typ. 22 µF +/- 10%; absolute range 19.8 µF to 82 µF) on the MRAM ball G2 which is ball J4 (Vcap) on the nvSRAM package.




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