Value of Internal Pull-Up Resistor on RESET#, HOLD#, and WP# for the S25FL-S and S25FL-L Series - KBA218745

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    Translation - Japanese: S25FL-SとS25FL-LシリーズのRESET#, HOLD#, WP#の内部プルアップ抵抗値 - KBA218745 - Community Translated (JA)



    Does the S25FL-S and S25FL-L family series have an internal pull-up resistor on RESET#, HOLD# and WP# pins? If yes, what is the value of the pull up resistor?



    Yes, there is a “pull-up” circuit on RESET#, HOLD# and WP# pins for the S25FL-S and S25FL-L Series, but it is not implemented as a single resistor so a resistance value cannot be quoted. Cypress design uses a “pull-up leaker” circuit, which is a chain of transistors with a peak ~2-µA leakage current during normal operation. Search the datasheet for “leakage current” to confirm this value.