PSoC Creator 4.0 Reports Serialization Error - KBA218828

Version: *A



I am getting the following error while trying to build a project in PSoC Creator 4.0:


“bse.M0202: Internal Error (aborting): error adding data to [project_name].cyfit: Unable to add entry 'DBD' due to a serialization error: Type CyPlaceDirectiveType does not have Guid Attribute or have an Enum handler”




This is a known issue, which occurs if PSoC Creator has the following settings:


  1. The data collection option is set to Level 2 or Level 3, as shown in the following figure. See Help > Register > PSoC Creator.
  2. A directive is added to the project.


Workaround: Select Level 1 or uncheck “I’d like to help make PSoC Creator ...”


This issue got fixed in PSoC Creator 4.1 and newer versions.