HyperFlash Support in Linux - KBA218974

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How can I add HyperFlash support to Linux? 



Cypress HyperFlash memory uses the same command set as classic parallel NOR flash, so the appropriate Linux MTD driver is the standard driver for AMD/Cypress pNOR flash devices under drivers/mtd/chips/cfi_cmdset_0002.c (part of every Linux kernel source tree). However, there is a minor incompatibility: the classic driver uses legacy toggling status from the device while a program or erase is ongoing to detect the end of the operation. HyperFlash does not support this mechanism; instead, the status register must be polled to properly detect the end of P/E operations. A small Linux patch is provided, which implements this change. It is part of the 65-nm Linux support package that is available for download from www.cypress.com.