Debugger Connection Failure in Traveo™ S6J3110/3120/3200/3300/3350/3400 Series - KBA219108

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When I activate debugger connection, the following message is generated and the connection fails. What are the possible causes?


SCCFG_STAT2 could not be read!
SCCFG_STAT2 value 0x5



This can happen due to the following reasons:


  1. Incorrect operation mode setting
      When the debugger connection is activated in a mode other than the user mode (such as serial writer mode), the connection fails. Ensure that the MODE pin input level is correct.
  2. MCU security function is activated
      If a reset or power failure occurs while executing the sector erase on the security marker or the TC flash chip erase, the security function may be activated. While reprogramming the flash memory, make sure there is no power failure or reset. To recover, erase the flash memory using the "Erase" or “Full Chip Erase” command of the PC serial writer.
  3. Contact failure
      If you are using a connector board, check if there is a connection failure between the JTAG and socket connecters.
  4. External oscillator clock
      Make sure that the external clock is oscillating.
  5. Power supply
      Ensure that there is power supply