JTAG nTRST Pin Termination in Traveo S6J3XXX Series - KBA219205

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    Version: *A


    Translation - Japanese: Traveo S6J3XXXシリーズのJTAG nTRSTピン終端 - KBA219205 - Community Translated (JA)



    How should the nTRST pin of JTAG be terminated on the PCB?



    It is recommended to leave the nTRST pin OPEN. There is no need to terminate by pull-up or pull-down because the nTRST pin is pulled down in the Traveo™ MCU. The recommended diagram is shown below.


    This KBA applies to the following series of Traveo MCUs:

    • S6J3110
    • S6J3120
    • S6J3200
    • S6J3300
    • S6J3350
    • S6J3360
    • S6J3370
    • S6J3400
    • S6J3510