Changing BLE Attribute Size at Runtime - KBA219049

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How do you change a BLE attribute size at runtime?



Characteristics with a variable length are useful because you do not need to expose additional data that is not relevant. cyBle_gattDB is an array of the CYBLE_GATTS_DB_T structure, which defines the handle, permissions, container size (maximum length), and full (16-bit) or partial (128-bit) UUID.


The attribute size can be changed by writing the cyBle_gattDB[] array as follows, after CYBLE_EVT_STACK_ON:


1u].attValue.attFormatValue.attGenericValLen->actualLength= X;


where X is the length of the attribute.




  • The attribute size can be decreased but cannot increase beyond the default size set in the BLE Component.
  • The actual length of an attribute can be retrieved by using the following macro: