TID and XID/EID for CCGx Products - KBA219295

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What is the TID and XID/EID for CCGx products? 



The EID and XID are the same. The TID and EID are assigned by USB-IF. The TID and the XID for all certified products can be found from the link: http://www.usb.org/kcompliance/ilist The TID and XID for CCGx products are listed below.

Product Marketing NamePart NumberProduct RevisionTIDXID/EID
Cypress CCG1 EMCACYPD1103-35FNXIRev 110950590000001
Cypress CCG2 EMCACYPD2103110950540000002
CCG3 USB Type-C Controller(EMCA)CYPD3105010980180002669
CCG1 NotebookCYPD1122-40LQXI0010960370000385
CCG1 Power AdapterCYPD1132-16SXI0010960400000387
CCG1 DFPCYPD1134-40LQXI110960420000388
CCG2 NotebookCYPD2122-24LQXIT1.010960390000386
EZ-PD CCG2 DFPCYPD2134110960470000390
CCG2 Type-C Port ControllerCYPD2125B1097026 
CCG2 Type-C Alternate Mode ControllerCYPD2120B1097040 
CCG2 Dock Charging DRPCYPD2121B1097041 
CCG3 USB Type-C Port ControllerCYPD312501098019 
CCG3 Power AdapterCYPD3135Rev 01099031 
CCG3 Type-C DongleCYPD312011000061 
EZ-PD CCG3CYPD3121-40LQXI11010055 
CCG4 USB Type-C Port ControllerCYPD4225-40LQXIT11098024