CapSense® Tuner Proximity Widget Status Value Change - KBA219115

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    Translation - Japanese: CapSense®チューナー近接ウィジェットステータス値の変更 - KBA219115 -Community Translated (JA)



    When does the status signal change for the proximity widget in CapSense tuner?



    In CapSense tuner for the proximity widget, there are two parameters that determine when the status signal changes.


    Proximity Threshold, which detects an approaching hand and Touch Threshold, which indicates a finger touch on the sensor.


    • When the Sensor signal crosses the Proximity Threshold value, the status signal in the tuner will change to 50%. (Sensor signal ≥ Proximity Threshold)
    • When the sensor signal crosses the Touch Threshold, the status signal in the tuner changes to 100% (sensor signal ≥ Touch Threshold)



    Note: The CapSense API for proximity—CapSense_IsProximitySensorActive (uint32 widgetId, uint32 proxId)—returns 32 bits of data. In this 32-bit data, only bit[0] and bit[1] indicate the status of the Proximity Threshold and Touch Threshold respectively.


    Bits [31..2] is reserved.
    Bit [1] indicates that a touch is detected.
    Bit [0] indicates that a proximity is detected.