Troubleshoot 'Baseline Equals Zero' in CSD3.0 - KBA219932

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 How to troubleshoot the problem when you meet the baseline equals to zero in CSD3.0?



This may be caused by one or more sensors in your design that could not be calibrated to the target level because of reasons such as too low frequency, too low/too high sensor capacitance, shorts to GND/VDD, and issues with the CMOD capacitor. 

Try the following to solve this problem at the application level:

  1. Verify PCB and fix issues if present.
  2.  Use the Auto-Tuning option to choose the optimal sense frequency. 
  3. Check the status of the Capsense_Start() function and initialize baselines and filters at the application level if calibration failed.
      Example code is provided below: 
           result = CapSense_Start(); /* Initialize component */
           if(CYRET_SUCCESS != result)
               while(CapSense_NOT_BUSY != CapSense_IsBusy())
      Option 4 could be used together with any of options 1-3;