Erase, Program, and Verify Time for S25FL128S, S25FL256S and S25FL512S with 3.0V VIO - KBA219576

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How long does it take to erase, program and verify each density of the S25FL-S family at 3.0V VIO?



Between one minute and eleven minutes depending upon density and whether the time is typical or worst case. 

The typical and maximum time can be computed from the datasheet values for erasing, programming and from the computed serial transfer time for the programming plus verifying steps. See below for the datasheet sources, sample datasheet performance tables, and calculated values for each of the listed flash families. The spreadsheet calculator is also provided. 

Refer to the following datasheets: 

Here are example performance tables from the S25FL512S datasheet:

 Maximum Read Rates with the same core and I/O voltage (V1O = VCC = 2.7V to 3.6V)

CommandClock Rate(MHZ)Mbytes/s
Fast Read13316.6
Dual Read104326
Quard Read1045

 Program and Erase Performance

tWWRR Write Time 5602000ms
tPPPage Programming (512 bytes) 340750/1300(3)μs
tSESector Erase Time
    (256-KB Logic Sector = 4 x 64 KB Physical Sectors
tBEBulk Erase Time(S25SL512S) 103460sec


  1. Typical  program and erase times assume the following conditions:25°C, VCC = 3.0V; 10,000 cycles; checkerboard data pattern.
  2. Under worst case conditions of 90°C; 10,000 cycles max
  3. Industrial temperature range/Industrial Plus temperature range

The attached spreadsheet takes the performance parameters from the referenced datasheets, along with flash array size, sector sizes and write buffer sizes to compute net times for the full device.

  • The serial transfer time calculation ignores command overhead and system-side overhead – so the calculation uses bits transferred per clock, clock speed, and device density to compute the net transfer time.
  • If there are multiple write buffer sizes available then the net program times are computed for each case.
  • The best reprogram time is the fastest serial transfer time multiplied by two (one transfer for programming, one transfer for verifying), plus the fastest write buffer programming time, plus the fastest erase time.
  • Green highlighted cells show the fastest times for the category.

Best reprogramming time uses:

  • Transfer Time: The most IOs at the highest frequency (multiplied times two; one transfer for programming, and one transfer for verifying)
  • Program Time: The largest write buffer size

Erase Time: The Chip Erase command or the largest sector size 

Note the performance of the S25FL512S is different for the Industrial (I) and Industrial Plus (I+) temperature grades.