AXRES Connection for Programming CCG3PA Devices – KBA220006

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    Translation - Japanese: CCG3PAデバイスをプログラミングするためのAXRES接続 - KBA220006 - Community Translated (JA)



    When programming CCG3PA devices over SWD interface, how is the AXRES pin of CCG3PA device connected?



    The AXRES pin of CCG3PA devices needs to be left unconnected when programming them over SWD interface.


    CCG3PA devices can be programmed with PSoC Programmer Software and CY8CKIT-002 MiniProg3 kit using the SWD interface. In general, you can program a chip in either ‘Reset’ or ‘Power Cycle’ mode of PSoC Programmer Software. However in the ‘Reset’ mode, it is required for the programming hardware/MiniProg3 device to toggle the XRES line and send SWD commands. Since the CCG3PA devices do not have the XRES pin, the XRES line from the programming hardware remains unconnected, and hence this mode is not supported. Only ‘Power Cycle’ programming mode is supported with no connection to AXRES pin. For more details, see the below figure.