Operations Possible During Erase Suspend or Program Suspend – KBA219641

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    Translation - Japanese: 消去一時停止またはプログラム一時停止中に可能な操作 - KBA219641 - Community Translated (JA)



    What operations can be done during erase suspend or program suspend?




    • When an erase operation is suspended, program or read operations are allowed to any other non-suspended sector.
    • When a program operation is suspended, read operations are allowed to any other non-suspended sector


    This answer is true for all Cypress Parallel and Serial NOR flash parts that support the suspend and resume features. For example, for the S25FL-L family of Serial NOR flash devices, the datasheet (002-00124 Rev C) shows the answer to this question:



    There is also a table in section 8.6.5 that lists every commend that the flash can accept while it is suspended. Here is a partial snapshot:



    The list mostly contains main array reading commands, but also device ID and SFDC reads, register reads, the clear status command, the page program command, the individual block lock command, security regions program and read commands, and the resume commands.


    Depending on which device family you are using, this list of allowed commands may differ in detail from what is listed for the FL-L, so be sure to check the appropriate flash family datasheet for details.