ASP Support Under Linux – KBA219677

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    Translation - Japanese: LinuxでのASPサポート - KBA219677 - Community Translated (JA)



    How can I add Advanced Sector Protection support for flash memory to Linux?



    Advanced Sector Protection (ASP) is a flash feature that provides various locking mechanisms for both serial and parallel NOR flash. The features include Persistent Protection Bits (PPB), Dynamic Protection Bits (DYB), Password Mode, Lock Register, Secure Silicon Sector (one time programmable flash), Pointer Protection and many more. The default Linux drivers do not support all of these advanced features; however a corresponding patch is provided by Cypress adding an API for Advanced Sector Protection. Special ioctl’s can be issued from user space to address most ASP features. A User Manual is included as well for documentation. Just open a technical support case, provide your kernel version and ask for the corresponding Linux ASP patch.