u-boot Patch for Cypress NAND Flash Memories – KBA219889

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 Do I need a u-boot patch for Cypress NAND flash memories?



Cypress NAND flash families (S34ML-1 and S34ML-2) are supported by default by the official u-boot distributions without any need for additional patches: 

- The Cypress manufacturer ID is already listed in the module “/drivers/mtd/nand/nand_ids.c” in the structure “nand_manuf_ids[]” as “{NAND_MFR_AMD, "AMD/Spansion"}”.

- The device IDs are also listed in the same module but this time in the structure “nand_flash_ids[]”.

Additionally, all the main features of the Cypress NAND flash memories are supported by the u-boot mtd main source code. This support is implemented in the module “/drivers/mtd/nand/nand_base.c”. 

Please note that the u-boot version referred to in this KBA is version 2017.05 which can be found here.

As an example, for the S34ML-2 family of devices (002-00499 Rev N), you can check the devices IDs by finding this table in the datasheet: 


To verify support for the specific Cypress NAND device you are using, please compare the device IDs shown in your datasheet with the source code highlighted in this KBA.