Test Firmware for PSoC®/PRoC™ BLE RF Certification – KBA220073

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    Translation - Japanese: PSoC®/ PRoC™ BLE RF認定のテストファームウェア – KBA220073 - Community Translated (JA)



    Is there any test firmware for PSoC / PRoC BLE RF Certification?



    You can use the test firmware attached with this article for all regulatory testing and Bluetooth qualification testing of PSoC4 / PRoC BLE devices and modules. It provides features needed to support the Receive Blocking test of EN 300 328 v2.1.1 and python scripts with unified APIs for BLE HCI, BLE 2-wire and MTK interfaces.


    The integrated test code is a single firmware that supports the following features:


    1. Regulatory test support with a single button interface
    2. BLE HCI commands support
    3. BLE 2-wire command support
    4. MTK commands through UART port


    For further details, refer to the documentation in the folder.


    Note: For using the ‘RXC’ MTK command for ETSI test, change the high-frequency clock source to ECO. In the project workspace explorer go to .cydwr > clocks tab > click ‘Edit clock’ > take High Frequency clocks tab > Disable IMO and give ECO as source (Figure 1). This is done to accurately time the receiver window. However, this reduces the system clock frequency to 24 MHz.


    Figure 1: HFCLK setting for ETSI test