Invert the PS/2 SCLK and SDATA Pins in the CY7C63723 Design

Version 1
    Question: Is it possible to invert the PS/2 interface signals such as changing (12pin=SDATA & 13pin=SCLK) to (12pin=SCLK & 13pin=SDATA )?



    Yes, there're a few places in the firmware that need some modifications. For example,

    1- Change the definitions of CLKH_DATAH, CLKH_DATAL, CLKL_DATAH, CLKL_DATAL to match with Table 13.1 in the data sheet.

    2- Change the values of SDATA and SCLK labels.

    3- Change the send_0 and send_1 routines.