Working of ATA_EN  on the CY4611 reference design

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    Question: How does ATA_EN work on the CY4611 reference design?



    This ATA_EN can be set to 0 or 1 in the AT2LP firmware depending on whether or not you want to enable the ATA_EN functionality. When enabled the firmware will poll the tri-state signal on WAKEUP pin. This is checked using an ISR timer and so is polled approximately every 20mS (see ISRtimer0 in atareset.c). When ATA_EN is de-asserted the ATA bus will be put in a high-impedance state, will disconnect from the USB bus and go into a sleep mode (low power). Within the CY4611 project are several targets including fx2_ata, fx2_ata_revc, fx2_cf_revc, fx2_cf_ata_revc, and in newer versions of the firmware fx2_cf_pa6. Each of these projects have a slightly different environment settings that can be viewed in the Project | Options.In the C51 tab of the keil IDE options is a variable called ATA_ENABLE_PIN. The CY4611 content can be found in the link CY4611 Reference Design Kit