IO pins active with the monitor running after downloading a firmware program from Keil

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    Question: After downloading a firmware program from the Keil IDE and it's running the little monitor routine, Which IO pins will be active with the monitor running?



    The monitor that is downloaded automatically on start up  is mon-ext-sio1-e0.hex (for EZ-USB and EZ-USB FX).  This monitor uses serial port 1 (SIO-1) to talk to the device.  PORTB pins, bit 2 and bit3 are  used for RxD1 and TxD1 for receiving and transmitting data respectively.  Hence PORTB pins 2 and 3 are dedicated for their alternate functions and are not available as general purpose I/O.If you are using the monitor that uses SIO-0, RxD0 and TxD0 are alternate functions on PORTC bits 0 and 1 respectively. PORTC pins 0 and 1 are no more available for general purpose I/O