CY8CKIT-001 Voltage Regulation Error

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    Question: What should I do if my CY8CKIT-001 DVK does not provide an accurate 3.3V supply?



    A small number of CY8CKIT-001 Kits were manufactured incorrectly. These kits will experience all of the following three problems:

    •   The 3.3V supply voltage measures nearly 4V or more
    •   The CyFi Wireless Radio Module is inoperable
    •   The MHz oscillator socket is inoperable
    See the steps below to determine conclusively if your kit is affected as well as workarounds and their limitations.


    Identifying Affected Kits:

    If you still have the DVK case in which the kit came, check the lower left corner of the backside for the date code (see photo below). If this code begins with the alphanumeric characters “0949DG”, your board is affected.
    If you can no longer locate your kit’s box, you may also make a direct voltage measurement to determine if your kit is affected. Using a voltmeter, test the voltage seen at the test point labeled “3.3V” near J7.  If the voltage at this test point is significantly greater than 3.3V (generally above 4V), your kit is affected.


    Replacing Your Kit:

    If your kit is affected by this error, please consider returning it to Cypress via the RMA process. You may contact Cypress customer support for more details at:

    If you want to continue using your board, please see the workaround section below, carefully noting the limitations.


    The core issue is that these CY8CKIT-001 Kits were manufactured with component U11 of the DVK board loaded with an incorrect part.  This particular part is a 3.3V regulator, which, depending on DVK configuration, is used to power the microcontroller core and I/O’s of installed processor modules.

    As a result of this incorrectly loaded part, there are certain features of the DVK that will not function. Below is a list of items that you should be aware of should you have one of these kits:
    1.   Users should not use the MHz oscillator socket at U8.  This particular component is powered directly off of the DVK’s 3.3V regulator.
    2.   Users should not use the CyFi Wireless Radio connector at P17.  This particular component is powered directly off of the 3.3V regulator.
    3.   Users should make use of the 5V (U2) and adjustable (U4) regulators ONLY.  To ensure use of these regulators only, users should configure their DVK’s with jumpers loaded, and switches set in the following manner:
                                VDD SELECT (SW3):  Set to 5V (up) position
                                J6, J7:  Set to either VDD (5V) or VADJ (1.55V – 5V) (See Figure 1 below)

                                J2, J3, J4, J5:  Set to either VDD (5V) or VADJ (1.55 – 5V) (See Figure 2 below)
                                J11:  Remove jumper


              Figure 1: DVK Board Diagram - SW3, J6 and J7 Configuration 

              Figure 2:  DVK Board Diagram – J2, J3, J4 and J5 Configuration



    NOTE:  Consideration should be taken when placing jumpers on J6 and J7, so that the voltage seen by “VDD DIG” is no higher than the voltage seen by “VDD ANLG”.