Version 26

    What is WICED SMART™?

    • WICED SMART™ is a very low power family of pin compatible modules, which when paired with the included software development kit, vastly reduces the effort required to add Bluetooth Smart (previously known as Bluetooth Low Energy) wireless connectivity to embedded applications. The WICED SMART™ SDK enables developers to quickly create applications targeted for low power embedded devices connecting to Bluetooth Smart devices such as smart phones and tablets.


    What is included in the WICED SMART™ SDK?


    The WICED SMART™ SDK includes :

    • Documentation and links to an open source build system and tool chain based on GNU make
    • Guide to using a GUI IDE based on Eclipse and links for SW
    • A complete software/application library that includes support for all Bluetooth Low Energy functionality and profiles
    • Documentation and header files
    • Production ready example applications


    How much does the SDK cost?

    • The SDK is available free for use with the Broadcom WICED SMART™ Development Kit.


    Which Operating Systems does the SDK run on?

    • The WICED Smart SDK runs on 32- and 64-bit versions of Microsoft Windows. Support for OS X and Linux support was added in the SDK 2.x release.
    • Note: You will also want to make sure you download the latest FTDI USB to Serial Driver as well: http://www.ftdichip.com/Drivers/VCP.htm
    • Note that the WICED Sense evaluation platform utilizes a Silicon Labs USB to Serial device, and you can find the drivers for it here: USB to UART Bridge VCP Drivers | Silicon Labs


    Which version of the Java Runtime Environment is Required?

    • The WICED SMART SDK utilizes a 32-bit version of an Eclipse based IDE which requires a 32-bit version of JRE to be installed. If you have the 64-bit JRE installed you will need to install the 32-bit version as well. The JRE is designed to allow both 32 and 64 bit variants to be installed on the same system.


    Is the stack included with the SDK?

    • Broadcom’s WICED SMART™ solution is designed for ease of use and rapid prototyping. A complete BT 4.1 stack together with several profiles and applications are embedded in ROM. Hooks to exercise the stack and profiles are provided in libraries provided with the SDK library. A complete solution that includes a stack, profiles, libraries and examples makes it easy to write Bluetooth Smart applications with the WICED SMART SDK.



    How much Flash and RAM does my application need?

    • Since the BT 4.1 stack is already embedded inside Broadcom Bluetooth Smart chips, applications have access to a large percentage of the RAM available on the chip. The actual RAM available for an application depends on the chip and firmware being leveraged.



    Where do I buy WICED SMART™ evaluation boards?



    Does WICED SMART™ support any Smartphone or Tablet applications?

    • Yes. Smartphone and Tablet apps with a multi-purpose GUI to benchmark WICED SMART™ applications are available for iOS and Android.


    Does the WICED SMART™ SDK enable Bluetooth Smart data aggregation and connectivity to the internet?

    • Yes. When used in conjuction with the SmartBridge™ feature of the WICED Wi-Fi SDK, data from Bluetooth Smart devices is aggregated and bridged to the internet with Broadcom Wi-Fi. Alternately, Bluetooth Smart data may be bridged to the internet using a custom smartphone or tablet application.


    Where do I get support?

    • General support for the WICED Smart™ Development System is available on the WICED SMART™ forum and through our distributionIoT Partner Solutions