Sample Code to Access Cypress Serial nvSRAM/F-RAM - KBA203629

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    Translation - Japanese: サイプレス シリアルnvSRAM / F-RAMにアクセスするためのサンプルコード - KBA203629 - Community Translated (JA)



    Where can I get the sample code to access Cypress serial nvSRAM/F-RAM devices?



    See the following application notes for sample projects to access our serial nvSRAM/F-RAM written for our PSoC® family of devices.


    1. AN64574 - Designing with Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) nvSRAM
    2. AN74875 - Designing with Serial I2C nvSRAM
    3. AN89659 - Interfacing SPI F-RAM with PSoC® 4


    Refer the source files attached as a reference to access our nvSRAM/F-RAMs by using controllers other than PSoC.