F2MC-16LX How to use well the sector protecting function

Version 3


    FLASH sector protect function is to not erase programmed data to FLASH memory in order to protect data erase wrongly.
    Sector protect is used parallel writer. Therefore at using sector protect function, please confirm the status to parallel writer maker (Flash Support Group Inc. and MINATO DEVICE COMPANY).


    Example of using Sector protect function

    Example of memory configuration F2 MC-16LX






    a. Writes the boot program (Note 1) on the top sector by parallel programmer
         (No erase anymore. ex, sector protection)
         Job before Flash MCU mounting
    b. At the Flash memory Erase/Write mode, transfer the write/erase control program (Note 2) to internal RAM.
    c. Executes the transferred Write/Erase control program.
        Write/Erase the Flash memory contents.


    (Note 1)
    A boot program is the program which transfer of the Write/Erase program to the internal RAM.
    Also, it can save the Write/Erase program.
    (Note 2)
    A Write/Erase program is the program which executes the Flash memory Write/Erase command.
    (A operation of the Write/Erase program is the same as the externally connected MBM29F400T)