• How to save to a variable to memory and recall it after a power cycle

    Hello-   I'm new to the PSoC world and I need some help.  I have a program that has two timing variables that I can change through the mini-USB UART port while the program is running (with Putty). ...
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  • Access crypto_core (ECC) from PSoC Creator

    I am working on a PSoC Creator and Keil MDK project that accesses the crypto block via the client-server model.  I would like to use the ECC functions that are available via direct crypto_core API, but I do not s...
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  • we need help with BLE MESH

    Good afternoon could you help me this is urgent I have 2 code with CYBT-213043-MESH     1- It is a code that scans and can the mac adress or host of the devices that are nearby, and prints them on the lin...
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  • ModusToolbox offline content

    ModusToolbox offline content package  This package enables you to use ModusToolbox Project Creator and Library Manager tools without a persistent internet connection. It contains all the ModusToolbox repos refer...
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  • PSoC Creator 4.3 Suddenly Unable to Open Projects - URGENT!

    I upgraded to PSoC Creator 4.3 a few days ago and it was working fine.   Today, I tried to open a project from an SVN repository that I had created using PSoC Creator 4.2.   Creator displayed an error ...
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  • Data Transmission between CYBT-213043-MESH cards

    Hello   I would like to know if you can help me with what I am looking to do.   I am using the CYBT-213043-MESH evaluation kit, I already have a functional scanner. Now what I'm looking to do is send the ...
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  • FX2LP18 hardware PCB recommandation

    Hi, The FX2LP18 is definitiely choosen for our board. I read the AN15456 application note to write my specifications.   Is there any others recommandation for FX2LP18 with 1.8 VIO ? Concerning the 1.8V LDO wh...
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  • Questions Regarding the SMIF Block on PSoC 6 BLE.

    Hello. I am getting started with a project using the PSoC 6 board. I would like to learn more about two functions of the SMIF block   First, how do I use the block in execute in place/XIP/memory mode? I saw in ...
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  • IDAC

    Hi,I use the command (IDAC_SetValue(0xFF) ) to set the value to 0xFF,but I actually measure the voltage of R1 as 4.5V and current is 220uA by multimeter. Anyone knows where I set it wrong?  
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  • PSoC Creator PSoC 6 API Definitions

    Hello All,   I have noticed something strange in PSoC 6 API files generated by PSoC Creator.  As I see it, the PDL does the real work and the API uses customized functions to make the PDL more user friendly...
    created by PaGy_1246781
  • IMX316

    hi,   Is there any company to develop a board to communicate with IMX316 on usb or a board which already exist? I see that can be done with the cx3.   thanks
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  • Cy_CSDADC_Init Causes Fault

    Hello All,   I'm trying to use the CSDADC middleware to measure the voltage at VDDA.  The initialization function Cy_CSADC_Init always causes a fault.  The fault occurs in the function Cy_CSD_GetVrefTr...
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  • Signal strength of CYBLE-0220001-00 BLE

    Hello, We are developing wristband without a screen so we are planning to have a 3.7V 500mAh battery on top, then PCB that will have CYBLE-0220001-00 module soldered, and on the same PCB on the bottom side there will...
    created by NeDh_4602711
  • FX3 Can not boot up as usb3.0 but the control center shows programing succeeded

    hello, now  i am testing my design which base on cyusb3014. the fx3 can boot up as usb2.0 and run streaming test correctly(work with usb2 cable), but if i conntect it with usb3.0 cable and program its ram, though...
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  • Oversampling ratio of the Delta Sigma Analog to Digital Converter

    What is the oversampling ratio of PSoC5LP Delta Sigma Analog to Digital Converter?, I would like to have this info for the anti-aliasing filter design. I assume that it may over-sampled at the clock frequency (shown i...
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  • CySmart DLL Import @Unity

    Is there anyone can import CySmart DLL into Unity Project??? I know it's a little bit Unity's issue, but I also want to get your advice.     At first, I've already confirmed that below DLLs work well by ...
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  • Chip Lock doesn't make a difference for PSoC3?

    I burned a firmware with PSoC Programmer, with and without Chip Lock enabled, and in both cases it says     Programming Succeeded Doing Checksum Doing Protect Programming of Flash Succeeded   and in b...
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  •   These are the two main files from the peripheral device. My email is preventing me from sending a compressed files for entire project.

      These are the two main files from the peripheral device. My email is preventing me from sending a compressed files for entire project.  
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  • Broken link between two cyble-222014-01modules not always detected

    I am using two CYBLE-222014-01 modules, one as peripheral and other as central. Once the central finds the peripheral, it goes into sleep mode but maintains the link to the peripheral. The central device automatically...
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  • PSOC6 - WiFi - BT Kit | Exploration Guide.

    Hi,   Let me be frank. This might sound crazy but this is what it is. I have bought PSOC6 - Wifi - BT kit. My intention in buying this is to know about PSOC6 as well as to learn embedded programming.   I...
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