• How to access the value of a digital input terminal?

    I'm trying to edit an existing component to replace a hardware digital input pin with a digital input terminal, so I can control it from my schematic directly, rather than connecting it to a hardware GPIO. But how do ...
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  • One Shot PWM

    I really wanted to use a PWM block running in one-shot mode and using an overflow interrupt from that block so that I can retrigger it in software. But I am having problems making it work.   If I flip the mode t...
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  • Stuck with DMA between a FIFO in a UDB and memory

    What I'm trying to do is to transfer 80 bytes from a buffer to a FIFO. It kind of works, but not right. I'm using bursts of 4 bytes and a setting to have a DREQ on every burst. So I set the size of 80 and burst size o...
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  • Communication Problem : I2C interface with EZUSB FX2

    I am using the Cypress EZ-USB FX2LP board and have created firmware to allow it to read data from an I2C based slave device and I am trying but cannot read the correct data from the slave device. Any guidance on the m...
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  • PSoC6 does not have Glitch Filter Component

    As PSoc6 does not have a glitch filter component, can anyone let me know the alternatives?
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  • FX3 data lost during DMA transfer

    Hi there,   I'm fighting with data lost during DMA transfer and totally stuck on two questions... To be sure that received data is monotonic I attached an FPGA which works as a basic counter. FPGA sends to FX3 5...
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  • Given Target Method (6) is Not Supported on PSoC Programmer v3.28.7 with PSoC 6

    I am trying to program the CY8CKIT-062-WIFI-BT kit using the KitProg from a CY8CKIT-059 PSoC 5LP Kit. The Kitprog has been separated from the PSoC 5LP stick. I am not using the WIFI-BT Kit's own Kitprog.   I am ...
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  • CYW20706蓝牙模块与安卓手机在BR/EDR已配对情况下,BLE无法连接问题

    各位大佬,我在使用CYW20706-A2蓝牙模块与安卓手机进行连接测试时,发现在经典蓝牙(BR/EDR)已配对的情况下,BLE无法连接问题,恳请赐教。   描述: 1.蓝牙模块项目整合HFP、BLE及基于GATT协议的OTA固件升级功能,且各功能都独立的通过了验证,BR/EDR与BLE使用相同的MAC地址。 2.使用安卓手机(已安装官方LeOTAApp)通过经典蓝牙配对连接蓝牙模块。 3.打开LeOTAApp与蓝...
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  • 我的 CY8C4024LQI-S411 芯片, 用KIT PSOC MINIPROG3 PROGRAM DEBUG 确定可以用对吧?

    最近在刚开始做 Cypress Sensing 的项目,想确定下面的事情,希望得到帮助;   我用官方的编译环境:PSoC Creator 4.3   手上的芯片型号:CY8C4024LQI-S411   打算到官网一个调试器:KIT PSOC MINIPROG3 PROGRAM DEBUG   想确定能够完成:调试,仿真,下载等功能。   恳求回复,谢谢啊!
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  • 初始化RFCOMM后导致PBAP无法连接

    在使用CYW20706蓝牙模块(wiced_studio-6.1)调试PBAP demo时,导入HFP功能。在调用wiced_bt_rfcomm_init函数初始化RFCOMM后,运行demo,发现PBAP无连接。调整wiced_bt_rfcomm_init参数buffer_size和buffer_count无果。请问需要怎样配置,才能在PBAP demo正常导入(兼容)HFP功能?
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  • CY8C4125 ESD fail

    Hi, I am using 4125 with capsense feature in a desk lamp, when I do the ESD test, found something strange. My lamp is covered by plastic shell, so ESD is not easy to access into PCB borad, So I use the ground pin on...
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  • UDB - transferring data into FIFO

    I am going around in circles with the UDBs - how do I get data (3 bytes/24 bits in this case) from a programme into a FIFO (without using Ax or Dx)?   A trivial question, I know!   Thank you,   Mike
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  • FX3 USB3.0 control transfer can't recovery from timeout if it contains data

    Hello, I tested that the fx3 usb3.0 control transfer can't recovery from a timeout event if that transfer contains data. But this is not an issue in USB2.0. I tried to flush the ep0 but it doesn't work.   Does a...
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  • What is recommended in place of HDL models for QSPI NOR Flash

    Is there an HDL model for the QSPI interface of a NOR Flash?   I found the list of Simulation Models @ https://www.cypress.com/simulation-models There are IBIS and Verillog models.   I'm specifically inter...
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  • Accelerate the speed of GPIO emulated parrallel IO

    Hey guys, I'm trying to config a FPGA via SelectMap mode. And what I did is to use GPIO to emulate a 16-bit parallel IO. It works but the speed is quite slow. The problem might be caused by the multi-threading in the ...
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  • AW-CM256SM (CYW43455) on SDIO using a Raspberry Pi 4b

    Hello, I'm trying to create a test platform for a module that uses the AzureWave AW-CM256SM (which is based on the CYW43455) on the Raspberry Pi 4b. I have added an existing device tree overlay to enable SDIO on GPIO...
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  • Double Buffering of FX2LP USART Transitions

    Hi,   This KBA:   https://www.cypress.com/comment/390351   states that there is double buffering with the serial interface. Is there any further documentation on how this works? Is there an app-not...
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  • I2C Maximum Length

    Hello   I am attempting to build a system that uses an I2C sensor. it is an RHT sensor. this is the firmware datasheet https://paramair.de/app/uploads/2018/01/Amphenol-manual-TELAiRE-ChipCap2-T9602.pdf   ...
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  • psoc 6 interfacing to a camera

    Dear lads and gents,   I would like to connect a camera to PSOC 6 device. I see there is no CSI or so for that. Hase someone got any experience in interfacing camera to PSOC 6? Is it possible to make configure ...
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  • CYUSB3014+FPGA方案视频终端开发,终端长时间工作,打开Amcap软件直接黑屏

    终端系统为win10,CYUSB3014直接与CPU管脚拉出的USB3.0/USB2.0信号通信在进入系统后放置5天后打开Amcap软件直接黑屏无显示,必须要下电后开机才恢复正常;目前测得FPGA部分工作正常,通过BUS HOUND抓包软件进行正常终端和异常终端对比,异常终端只抓到部分数据就没了,像是工作了一部分停住了;请教一下CYUSB3014这款芯片可以通过如何查找到问题的根源并解决
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