• 「CY8CKIT-041-40XX」で、CE210486 - USB HID Trackpadの動作がうまくいかない

    現在、CY8CKIT-041-40XXを使用しております。 PSoC4にファームを書き込んだ後、Kit progのファームの書き込みがうまくいかず、下記の現象になっております。 また、Kit progのファームも元に戻せなくなってる状態です。 対処法がわからず困っています。 よろしくお願いします。 "USB Human Interface Device(04B4_F146) - USB"が表示されません。 リセット...
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  • 冗長コピーから復元したとき、Em_EEPROM コンポーネントの読み取り関数が誤ったデータを返す- KBA227530 - Community Translated (JA)

    Community Translated by  YoOb_1790021          Version: **   内容: PSoC® 3、PSoC 4、PSoC 5LP、または PSoC 6 MCUデバイス用の Em_EEPROM コンポーネント v2_0、v2_10 または v2_20 を使っている P...
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  • 关于CY7C68013A跑着跑着掉线的问题

    RT所示,我现在用这颗USB芯片,跑的USB High Speed模式,在win10上会出现跑着跑着USB设备消失了,设备管理器中都也找不到该设备了,必须要重新插拔一下才可以,有时候1天就会出现一次,有时候3-4天出现一次。这可能是什么原因造成的?
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  • A workaround to solve "Some boards and apps may be missing" in ModusToolbox

    Note: This blog is DEPRECATED since ModusToolbox offline content package is provided. Read this blog for reference purpose only.   --------------------------------------------------------------------------------...
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  • PSoC6 Flash endurance

    The CY8C63x6/CY8C63x7 datasheet (002-18787 Rev. *K) mentions a flash endurance of 100K cycles, while the CY8C63x6/CY8C63x7 TRM (002-18176 Rev. *I) mentions an endurance of 10K cycles.   Also the TRM mentions 'on...
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  • Will the current PSoC 6 devices support BLE 5.1?

    Hi,   I'm digging deeper into the PSoC 6 devices. As far as I can see PSoC 63 and upwards are BLE 5.0 devices. Will they also support BLE 5.1? Is this only related to the BLE software stack or would it need a ne...
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  • Error while uninstalling Cypress USB Driver

    Hello All,   I have uninstalled the Cypress PSoC Programmer kit. I did it from the Cypress Update Manager application. After uninstalling, I checked the "Programs and Features" and saw that two of the Cypress US...
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  • CX3 custom board: USB-3.0 enumeration issue

    Hi,   We have developed custom hardware based on CX3. We are unable to enumerate our hardware on USB-3.0. We have USB-3.0 pin connection as below, CX3       --- Connector Micro-B ...
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  • Amazon aws_demo application how to use OTA to download application to external flash(SMIF)

    Hello,   We are using CY8CKIT-062-WIFI-BT running amazon freeRTOS aws_demo application. The IDE is modustoolbox2.0. We have already implemented ota function and could download a downloadable file from aws cloud...
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  • CYW920706WCDEVAL Linux attaching problem

    Hi all, I'm new to this community , and this is my first discussion, so thanks for this chance.   I have an eval board : CYW920706WCDEVAL, and I'm able to flash it with WICED correctly, but I need to attach it ...
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  • The CYW 20706 breaks the connection directly when connecting to the target device >> returns CONNECTION STATUS error code(reason) 0X13 >> what does this mean?

    We are using the CYW 20706 as the target device for connecting to a BT audio source (using the 'Headset' demo from wiced studio). A mobile phone (android) can conenct correctly and send audio data (verified via I2S ou...
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  • CX3 Custom board: Unable to load firmware in SPI Flash and I2C EEPROM memory

    Hi,   We are working on a custom board based on the CX3 component. We are able to flash image in RAM memory and image is working as expected but we are unable to flash the firmware from I2C EEPROM and SPI Flash ...
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  • bootloader升级文件

    我们通过bootloader来实现OTA的时候, 升级的版本文件需要放在外部flash,后面会copy到内部flash。按照《PSoC 6 MCU Device Firmware Update Software Development Kit Guide 》文档,我们生成了cyacd2 文件。我们有两个问题: 1,是不是把这个文件存到外部flash,然后copy到内部flash,通过bootloader跳转到起始地址就可以了? ...
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  • [CYW920819EVB-02] About Sig certification

    Hi everyone   Could you provied the materials related to the test results specified by Sig on the CYW20819 evaluation board (CYW920819EVB-02) for us?   Thanks, Yang
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  • puart rx callback is not working

    hello, i am using cybt-413034-02 module and i want to send and receive data through PUART , i can able to print the data but i cant able to write or read the data from call back function. i am using wiced studio 6.4...
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  • cyfxusbi2cregmode - How to read I2C address with 32 Bits?

    Hi,   I'm trying to change cyfxusbi2cregmode to read other I2C devices in the bus. I made some changes and this is my current code: [C] I2C Cypress - Pastebin.com   I basically removed the hardcode EEPRO...
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  • CY8CMBR3106S Slider 1+2 not working

    I configured my device with EZClick (and since it didn't work, checked the most relevant configuration registers by hand...). [Find the config bellow]   My problem is following: I have a radial slider using 8 se...
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  • FM0+ S6E1C series : ARM core operating lower limit frequency

    Hi,   We are considering low power applications.   We have confirmed for  "32 Bit Microcontoroller FM0+ Family Peripheral Manual" The frequency division (1 to 16) exists in the P.44 Figure 2-1 block d...
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  • Available "TOOLCHAIN" values in ModusToolbox

    ModusToolbox supports various build tools used to build the application. ModusToolbox currently uses GCC version 7.2.1 by default. To specify a different toolchain, normally you can modify the file "Makefile" which is...
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  • I need to load program from cyw20706 kit to cybt-343026 board.

    i need to load program from cyw20706 kit to cybt-343026 board.   when i was trying to load it is given error like detection failure.   can i get help regardintg this problem     regards harikri...
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