• Can we use backtrace() or obtain more than one level from __builtin_return_address()

    Hello All,   We are using WICED on the 43907, and would like to be able to read the entire stack back trace from within our application (for memory debugging purposes).  In other words, every time we call, ...
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  • About disconnection during MQTT session

    Hello.   After connecting to AWS, subscribe, We will publish, etc. While waiting for publishing from the AWS server, The MQTT session may be disconnected. The calling sequence from the receive callback function...
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  • keep alive timer of MQTT

    Hello.   I want to change the settings of the keep alive timer of MQTT, Should I change the defined value of "WICED_AWS_MQTT_KEEP_ALIVE_TIMEOUT" in "aws_common.h"? Is there a setting value range? I want to se...
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  • many "TODO" comment in WiCED 6.2.1 source code

    Dear Sirs,   I realized that there are many "TODO" descriptions in the source code. Are there any parts that are not described in official documents such as release notes and are not implemented yet ?   F...
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  • Does WiCED support the  "chunked transfer encoding " function ?

    Hi All,   I understood that "chunked encoding response" is not implemented by the following thread. https://community.cypress.com/message/223831#223831          Doesn't it sup...
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  • SNIP SCAN only 1 channel & never finish

    Hi,   I am porting scan snip of Wiced SDK 6.4 to IAR. It seems to work fine but :   1/ It display only channel 1 networks.   2/ The scan never end. (I never received WICED_SCAN_COMPLETED_SUCCESSFU...
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  • How to use GPIO external interrupt

    Hello,   I have an SPI communication between my 1LD Wifi/BT module and another MCU. This SPI use SPI5 hardware and works with DMA for Tx and Rx. I want to use the chip select (pin 57, PB1, with external PullUp...
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  • Cypress chipset CYW4373 is not associating with WSC 1.0 AP for the WPS-PIN method

    Cypress chipset CYW4373 is not associating with WSC 1.0 AP for the WPS-PIN method. Since the chipset is WSC 2.0 version is there any backward compatible issue? Can anyone help how to do WPS-PIN with WSC 1.0 AP. Do we ...
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  • 43907WIFI传输卡顿问题

    向各位大侠请教         最近在用43907 WIFI做高速数据传输,传输率在25Mbps。传输用的是UDP传输,在传输的过程中总发生无规律的卡顿数据无法稳定传输。 在开发板CYW943907AEVAL1F上用snip.udp_transmit稍作修改后做同样的测试,也发现数据传输不稳定现象。 请大侠们指点迷津。   以下分别是测试代码和...
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  • How about is "transfer-encoding:chunked" support ?

    Hi All,   1. How is the support status about "transfer-encoding:chunked" with WiCED6.2.1 ?   The following source code has a comment.   // TODO: Implement code to handle chunked encoding response. ...
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    Hi,   I have an issue during wiced_init() => "Could not set Country code" I get retval = WWD_WLAN_BADARG while calling " retval = wwd_sdpcm_send_iovar( SDPCM_SET, buffer, 0, WWD_STA_INTERFACE );",   ...
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  • About SSID list acquisition

    Hello.   I want to get the SSID list in order of signal strength by referring to the file(ThreadX_NetX_Duo_Scan.c). (1) How long does it take to get one list? (time per outer while)      Whe...
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  • system sleep

    My system is an STM32F411RE interfaced to the Murata 1DX (based on the Cypress CYW4343W.) The Future Nebula board was the basis for our design and platform.   While I know how to put the STM32F411 into standby a...
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  • handle timeout error on wifi leave

    I ran into an error in my application where I received err 2 from wwd_wifi_leave api that corresponds to timeout error. Can you provide feedback on how this can occur and how to overcome this error, as I kept getting ...
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  • Pre-certified module

    If we used a pre-certified Cypress Wi-Fi modules, do we still need to go thought the  FCC radiator test ? Or we only need to go through FCC un-intentional radiator  product test only. And does it  wor...
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  • WICED 6.4.0 How to fix LwIP assert freeing a buffer already free ?

    We are using HTTPS for sending ~1K Byte data blocks from STM32F4 over WIFI. Everything works, but occasionally we see this assert in memp.c    in function:  do_memp_free_pool(),    ...
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  • CYW43907-RNDIS driver?

    Hello,   Is RNDIS driver available for CYW43907?   Thanks
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  • SDK-6.4 TLS SSL Cache memory leak

    Hello,   it seems that wiced_tls.c file has a memory leak issue when WICED_TLS_CLI_CACHE_SEEION is defined. When new connection starts ip address is cached for future use and it is done by calling: add_ssl_cache...
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  • About the maximum number of registered internal address resolution databases

    Ask about the maximum number of internal address resolution database registrations.   Up to 8 link key information must be registered.     Wiced_bt core stack configuration(wiced_bt_cfg_settings_t) .a...
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  • Murata 1LD power consumption/Sleep

    Hi, I am using Murata 1LD and thinking what is the best way to lower power consumption during ble advertising ( also how to do that ). I am using wiced 6.4 with murata 1LD 6.4 platform files.   My project is b...
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