Each Wi-Fi device must have a unique MAC address for communication through WiFi. WICED has different options to set the MAC address.


1) MAC address in OTP portion

Module Partners will program MAC address in the OTP memory of the WLAN chip. This will be unique and you can contact the module vendors for your know MAC address.


2) MAC address in DCT portion

DCT has memory for specifying MAC address. To direct WLAN chip to use MAC address from DCT, it is necessary to define global variable in the application makefile.

Add "GLOBAL_DEFINES+= MAC_ADDRESS_SET_BY_HOST" in .mk file in the project folder.


3) MAC address by User

If you don't want to use MAC address in OTP or DCT, you may redefine the WICED API function host_platform_get_mac_address() to provide your know MAC address when the WICED WiFi driver intializes the WLAN chip. You also need to set "GLOBAL_DEFINES+= MAC_ADDRESS_SET_BY_HOST" in .mk file.

You can locate host_platform_get_mac_address() under MCU folder, C:\..\..\..\WICED-Studio-5.0\43xxx_Wi-Fi\WICED\platform\MCU\BCM4390x\BCM4390x_platform.c