• [CYBT-423028] what is the best way to send a message over Mesh

    I have a CYBT-423028-EVAL and a CYBT-423028-02. I'm running a Mesh Level Server on the EVAL board and want to run a Level Client on the 423028-02, which changes the level of the level server. I'm doing the provisionin...
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  • CYW20706 and SPH0645LM4H MEMS microphone

    Hello,   I am trying to build a Bluetooth headset with the CYW20706. I am new to PSoCs but I have been able to get the transducer output working via a DAC/AMP combo. However, we have been unable to get the our M...
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  • 如何解决connection断开的问题

    Hi, 设备(设备暂时叫BTU)根据ota_firmware_upgrade移植了一下ota功能,然后用pc的蓝牙及工具测试此功能。发现用电脑paired设备建立好connection后,BTU很快会收到断开的提示,提示为connection_down 28 56 5a 89 46 6c  conn_id:1 reason:19, Op Index:0。我查了一下reason:19的原因是GATT_CONN_TERMI...
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  • CYBT-423028-02 Application Questions

    We have a development project to design a Pulse Oximeter capable of BLE and BR performance. Cypress module CYBT-423028-02 looks to be a good fit.   Question 1: Is the stack running on the CYBT-423028-02 or do I ...
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  • cybt343026 flash分配问题

    Hi,   通过文档知道cybt342026-01的flash分配如下 1. 我明白DS1和DS2是存放应用程序(.bin)的地方。那么ss的地方是存放哪个DS是active的,对吗?ss的地方还会存储哪些信息? 2. VS1和VS2是存放什么内容的? 3 带OTA_FW_UPGRADE=1和不带这个宏所编译出来的.hex的结构不同,改怎么理解?截图如下 带宏:为什么会分为两个部分? 不带宏: ...
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  • How to access J18 uart using hci reset command on cyw920706wcdeval evb board

    I am using cyw920706wcdeval after reset using method in user manual section Appendix D, I think this would be in HCI mode,  thus, I through J18 uart tx/rx to set try reset command through ubuntu like  "ech...
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  • CYW20719 massive data transmission

    Hi cypress, Since CYW20719 supports DLE ( data length extension ), how could I send a large number of data? Is there an API in CYW20719 SDK for this purpose?   Thanks
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  • Doubts about LPN

    Hi all:        when I debug the LPN,I  have some doubts about LPN sleep times. the print messages as below:       before establishing the friendship with the friend n...
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  • MeshClient: can't connect to a node

    Hello, I haven't been able to connect the node for a while from MeshClient. Here is fragment of log:   17:58:37.744 Net transmit set addr:0001 count:3 interval:50 17:58:37.760 Net Transmit Status from:1 count...
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  • Sensor Motion application: cannot find where sensor data is read

    Hello,   In the mesh_sensor_publish_timer_callback there is following instruction: meshmesh_sensor_current_value = mesh_sensor_get_current_value();   Here is definition of mesh_sensor_get_current_value fu...
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  • Sensor Motion application: how to send data only to MeshClient

    Hello, Actually the only option allowing MeshClient application (running on Windows) to receive messages from Sensor Motion node is to specify "all-nodes" value for "Send sensor measurement" parameter. But if I want ...
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  • Sensor Motion application: connection with MeshClient suddenly interrupts. Why?

    Hello, I've observed that after about 3 min. the connection with Sensor Motion node breaks and Link Staus:0 appears in Log window. Any comments ? Thanks.
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  • About saving bonding information

    Hello After performing (pairing and bonding), if the power is turned from OFF to ON, the key exchange will be performed at the time of connection as if the bonded information was lost. The following pairing process ...
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  • How to have simple test using 20706 evb with J18 Uart

    Hi, We would like to using evb J18 Uart to connect a main ic evb like microchip evb, is there a way have simple this uart connection test using using wiced studio? thanks
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  • HCI UART 输出乱码 使用的模块是CYBT-343026

    我们在测试HCI UART和SPI 同时通信时,出现的问题如下: 当设备不初始化 SPI 时,设备可以正常输出LOG,附件中的示例程序 每秒会输出“1”是正常的 示波器抓取的 TX波形如下: 当设备初始化 SPI时和HCI UART 输出的值一直是 6C(十六进制)      示波器抓取TX的波形如下:      ...
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  • CYW920706 How to modify code to run demo snip.bt.hci_handsfree without relying on Client Control

    I am using the CYW920706 eval board. I want to run the hci_handsfree demo code without having to go through Client Control first. My understanding is that the hci_handsfree code is just the bluetooth protocols and suc...
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  • download application failure error in wiced studio

    hi , I'm working with wiced studio and tried creating target. Downloading application was successful once and from next time it was failure. My device is getting heated and not getting detected properly. can some one...
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  • How to specify your own user passkey

    Hello Sorry, please resume the discussion below. <https://community.cypress.com/thread/51843> Seems misunderstood because I gave an ambiguous answer   In addition to BLE, various functions such as WiFi...
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  • Keeping BT connections active with 20706

    I have a customer that would like to be able to do the following with the 20706 or a 343026 module: 1) Use the 20706 in A2DP SOURCE mode 2) Pair to 4 different headsets saving link keys for each of the headsets 3) ...
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  • [CYW20706]Which hci command could enter sleep mode and keep bt connective?

    I use bluetool with CYW20706, and CYW20706 keep connective to iPhone at the same time. When I submit hci command : 0x01, 0x27, 0xFC, 0x0C, 0x01, 0x00, 0x00, 0x01, 0x01, 0x00, 0x01, 0x00, 0x00,0x00, 0x00, 0x00 and m...
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