• wiced studio installation on linux problem

    In ubuntu 16.04, the hard disk space has about 10G free space, but the installer issue there is only 1G free space.  
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  • Regarding CYBT-413034-EVAL board

    First query:-   1. I am using CYBT-413034-EVAL evaluation board. I have programmed with hello_client application present in 20719-B1_Bluetooth/apps/demo. When I reconnected the board to the PC after programming,...
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  • sdptool command doesnot search Serial Port profile in some android device

    When I run sdptool search SP, the device(android smartphone) displayed available SP service and channel as 8. This device has bluetooth terminal app. sdptool search SP Inquiring ... Searching for SP on mac_adddr .....
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  • CYW920719 Headset

    From the documentation snapshots, it appears there are headset example apps for the CYW920719 board in WICED. I am not finding them in my file structure -- have they been removed from the distribution?
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  • CYBT-343026: connetting multiple SPP device

    Good morning , i need to develope an application on CYBT-343026 module(called MASTER) to connect simultaneously two other identical module CYBT-343026 (called SLAVE) to send and receive some data. how can i do this? ...
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  • Problem: CYW920719Q40EVB-01 observe mode?

    I set the module to the observe mode and receive the contents of the packet on the BLE. However, the number of data collected is very different from the current number of BLE. In fact, there may be 1000 BLE packets i...
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  • WICED Studio support for CYW20735B0?

    I am currently working with a CYW20735B0 chip. The newest WICED Studio 6.4 seems to only contain platform files for 20735B1. Do I need to use an older version of WICED Studio? If so, where can I get it?   Thank...
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  • Regarding CYBT-413034-02

    Consider the scenario- Two CYBT-413034-02 nodes are present (namely node A and node B). Also one BT speaker is present.   I am using BLE mode. Node B is the advertiser. Node A is the scanner and it initiates con...
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  • Readback code protection?

    Is there any readback etc. code duplication protections for CYW20719 or any of the other BT chips? Thanks
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  • CYW20706 BLE Serial Port sample project

    Is there any sample project for BLE serial port on CYW20706 platform?   I found this post: BCM4343W: BLE to UART bridge (ie. emulation of Serial Port Profile)? . But it's not enough to create a full application....
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  • [WICED-based EZ-BT Module] Certification of EN 62368-1 (2)

    Hello,   I would like to ask the following additional Community questions: [WICED-based EZ-BT Module] Certification of EN 62368-1 * I would like to use CYBT-343026-01.   CYBT-343026-01 is currently certi...
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  • [CYBT-343026-01] About UART datasheet

    Hi   Could you provide the information or datasheet about UART  for us?   I want to know about the output information of TXD and RTs of UART. Is it CMOS or OpenDrain? And whether external pullup is ...
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  • [CYBT-343026-01]A2DP I2S configuration

    Hi,   I am using the CYBT-343026-EVAL board. I would like to test it as A2DP source (audio route is I2S). Could anybody let me know whether it is possible to transfer data on the assumption as follows?   ...
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  • low power mode api in cyw20706

    Hi   Is there a low power mode that it does not restart?   I want to know another low power mode software api besides wiced_power_save_start();   Thanks.
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  • About the CYW20706 microphone connection

    Hello,how to connect a digital microphone to CYW20706 chip?
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  • Running serial gatt service demo

    Hi,   I built the "serial gatt service" like this "demo.hci_serial_gatt_service-CYBT_343026_EVAL download DIRECT_LOAD=1 build"   Then download to the CYBT343026 board using "Wiced client control".   ...
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  • ESD protection guide request

    Dear all,,,   Our application is using CYBT-343026-01 among Cypress BT modules. The main module and Cypress BT module are connected in the form of a card cable, and the function test has already been complete...
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  • Problem Delay CYBT-343026

    Please need information with delay or wait process time in module cybt-343026 In another module cy20719 sleep run in delay in  1000ms.   My module cybt-343026 not sleep mode.   Please help me. Thanks
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  • CYBT343026 View Traces Using the BTSpy

    Hi,   I am following the "CYW920706WCDEVAL Kit Guide" to view the traces on the windows with Bluetooth application Hello Sensor I had followed "4.4.2 View Traces Using a Terminal Emulation Program" with no prob...
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  • [WICED-based EZ-BT Module] Certification of EN 62368-1

    Hello,   "WICED-based EZ-BT Module" has obtained safety standards as follows. - CYBT-213043-02 : EN 62368-1    RF Regulatory Certifications for CYBT-243053-02 EZ-BT™ Module - KBA228230 - Ot...
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