• CYBT-333032-02 linux driver

    Hello,   I want to use the CYBT-333032-02 with linux via HCI UART inteface.Do i need to install a driver or linux will autodetect the module ? I found that the CySmart is only supported on windows pc and also ...
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  • Host MCU controls CYBT-343026 through Wiced HCI API

    Hi,   I assume that the CYBT-343026 module has a ready made image embedded inside the module. If I connect this Bluetooth Module to my host MCU through a UART, I can directly use the Wiced HCI API to control the...
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  • is hardware handshake must on HCI_UART lines?

    Hello,   Testing A2DP source functionality using 'watch' demo app and Client control on PC, using CYBT-343026.   In our actual application, we will be streaming audio data over I2S bus. While using serial...
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  • CYW20719 bootstrapping inputs?

    Is there bootstrapping inputs in CYW20719  and if so where can read about it or example? Thanks
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  • Spp communication issue with NUL character

    Hello,   I am working on CYBT-333047-02 evaluation board (CYW20706 chip), I am using spp example programm from wiced studio. In order to analyse this program I am using Real term terminal on PC and Serial blue...
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  • CYW20719 Programming and Boot Issue

    Hello,   I am using a CYW20719 MCU in a custom design, most of my design is based on the CYW920719Q40EVB reference design. I have attached my schematic below. I am programming the device using a 3.3V FTDI USB-to...
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  • BLE Device Discoverable on iOS Devices (CYBT-333047-02)

    When the BLE device is advertising, it can be found normally by Android and iOS phones with apps such as CySmart and Lightblue. However, when I use the Bluetooth on the phone without these apps, only Android devices d...
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  • How can I program the CYBT-483039-02?

    Hello. I purchased the CYBT-483039-02. I connected CYBT-483039-02 and USB-UART brige IC (FT231X). I attemped to program the CYBT-483039-02 using WICED Studio ver 6.4. I made new target "demo.hello_sensor-CYBT_483039_E...
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  • Spp send function

    Hello,   I am working on SPP example from the Wiced studio. This example is responsible to receive data and it sends the huge amount of data on the interrupt button. But I would like to send the data as user i...
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  • How to use CYBT-483039-02 in MPU?

    Hello guys! I want to make wireless communication system using CYBT-483039-02. In my system,  MPU such as ARM is connected to CYBT-483039-02 by peripheral UART (only TxD, RxD, VCC, and GND).  Data is transmi...
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  • Problem Delay CYBT-343026

    Please need information with delay or wait process time in module cybt-343026 In another module cy20719 sleep run in delay in  1000ms.   My module cybt-343026 not sleep mode.   Please help me. Thanks
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  • Can I send HCI commands over SPI?

    Hello,   I'm working with BCM20736S which communicates with a host controller over SPI. I'm trying enter BLE Direct Test Mode which as far as I understand is only accessible via sending HCI commands directly. &...
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  • Difference between Bluetooth classic Secure Simple Pairing (SSP) and BLE Pairing/Bonding

    Hello, I am using Bluetooth + BLE dual mode stack. I have gone through Bluetooth SIG Core_4.2 standards. I was going through BLE legacy and Secure connection. Also I was going through Bluetooth SSP (Secure Simple Pair...
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  • CYW920719WCDEVAL

    What is the development, development kit?
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  • how the callback functions be called and the parameter transfered?

    Hi, The WICED SDK of 20735B1, I find functions for example, wiced_bt_gatt_status_t hello_sensor_gatts_callback( wiced_bt_gatt_evt_t event, wiced_bt_gatt_event_data_t *p_data),it was called by wiced_bt_gatt_register(h...
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  • Bug report: Connection Terminated Due to MIC Failure (0x3d) / WICED 6.2.1

    Keep getting those errors when connecting bonded Cysmart to CYW20719:   Status : Connection Terminated Due to MIC Failure (0x3d) Encryption Status Event: bd ( 5a 10 0c ef 51 aa  ) res 8109   The CYW2...
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  • IOS 13 beta HFP disconnect

    Problem Overview: We are trying to pair with IOS-13 beta and we support (HFP,A2DP,GATT,ANCS). So first Connect LE(GATT and ANCS) then Connect HFP but after sometime the HFP disconnects. The Reason for the disconnectio...
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  • can't  set  the tx power on the CYW20735 platform

    Hi:     the tx power  of  bt mesh modules which we  are  using   is  too  weak. so  I want to  use the API  wiced_bt_set_tx_power to enhance the&#...
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  • How to use SPI of  CYW20735

    Hi:     as  we know, the  spi  master initial API  is below:     void wiced_hal_pspi_init(  spi_interface_t spi,          &#...
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  • CYW20706 HCI uart用来打印Debug信息&芯片手册问题

    1.CYW20706 只有2路UART,Puart用于与其他设备通信,现在想用HCI Uart做来做Debug信息的输出。 我参考了Re: How to use HCI TRACE of CYBT-213043-MESH kit 自己写了一个小历程,但是实际无输出,测试代码如附件   2.芯片手册问题:      我们在官网下载的CYW20706的手册的更新日期是04/25/...
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