In this demo, we will see how to load the SmartBridge web application and connect with the WICED Sense kit to display sensor data.


  1. Downloads and Installations
    • Download the es-WiFi demo software and drivers from:




                    Install it in the platforms folder:  ...\WICED\WICED-SDK-3.1.2\WICED-SDK\platforms

    • Upon installation, you should see the patches in the platforms folder:



     2. Running the ISM GUI

                    Note: If an error or problem occurs for any step throughout the connection process, it is important to unplug the ISM340USB stick, plug it back in and start from the beginning of this tutorial.

    • In order to run the ISM GUI go to the following folder: ..\Inventek Systems\eS-WiFi\demo and open the es-WiFI.application
    • plugin the ISM340 USB stick into the PC and identify which COMPORT it is
    • In the es-WiFi demo GUI, go to Menu > Install Drivers
    • Once installation is complete, you should see this screen:



    • Go to device manager, click on the correct COM port and change the following settings
      • Baud Rate/BPS: 115200
      • Parity: None
      • Data Width: 8
      • Stop Bits: 1
      • Flow Control: None


    • We shall now open the Com Ports: To do so go to Setup > Serial Port > Configure/Open
    • You should see the following screen:




    • Verify that the correct settings are in place as listed above and press OK to open the COM port.


     3. Setting up the SmartBridge Web Application

               Note***: Before we begin, it is important to note that every command has to be typed into the command line box. After you type in a command and press send, it will always take you to the main window. It is important to go navigate back to the command line to ensure a much smoother process.


    • Type in your SSID into the command line box and press send. Once you press send, the program will ask you if the SSID listed above is correct, type in and enter "y" or "n' accordingly.
    • Once past this step, type in the correct password. Once again it will ask you if the password that shows on the screen is correct. Give the appropriate response.
    • Once your password is entered, enter your security type and press "y". It will automatically generate an IPv4 address for the SmartBridge web application.


    • Copy and Paste the given IPv4 address into the internet browser of your choosing. You have now connected to the BT SmartBridge application


     4. Connecting to the WICED SENSE

    • We shall connect the ISM-43340 USB stick with the WICED Sense Kit
    • We have programmed wiced_sense.c onto the Kit to display all sensor information
    • Wake up the WICED Sense Kit and press Rescan on the web application
    • You should see the name: WICED Sense Kit along with an address. Connect with the Kit by pressing the "connect" button right next to the address of the Kit
    • Once connected, the WICED Sense Kit will show up on the Connection Pairings List. You have now connected the ISM340 with the WICED Sense Kit.




    • In order to view the GATT profile, we will press the "Details" button. Once pressed,  the screen should look like this:




We have now completed the Inventek ISM340 SmartBridge Application Demo. For further questions, please refer to the community forums.