• FX3 PWM duty update issue

    Dear Sir,   I want to output a pwm duty from 1% ~ 99%, but it seems the pwm duty is not predicted, which is also be found in the following!   https://community.cypress.com/thread/17950?q=FX3%20PWM%20duty ...
    created by dawa_2529456
  • Discharge Diode for Reset pin of CX3

    Hi, Can someone confirm if discharge diode is required for the reset pin of CX3 or FX3 Thanks, Menaka
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  • FX3 coding to interface with iPhone.

    Could you guide me on Cypress FX3 coding to interface with iPhone. I am looking for a sample project which includes the firmware on FX3 side as well as Iphone site by using External Accessory Framework in xCode for Ap...
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  • CyU3PMipicsiInit() fails error 0x55 (CY_U3P_ERROR_BLOCK_FAILURE)

    Hi All,   We just received a new shipment of circuit boards that are not functioning.  When I watch the debug serial port, I see CyU3PMipicsiInit() is failing with error 0x55, a block error.  When I se...
    created by ScGr_289066
  • USB Setup Requests for UAC Class events

    I’m trying to add audio control features to my FX3 based UVC system to control volume and mute. My system currently supports audio but does not have any audio descriptor to control volume and mute options. IR...
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  • [FX3] Any way to know the numbers of DMA buffer are not occupied

    Hi Cypress,   I am working on a project on FX3. This application consists of a GPIF interface and a USB BULK IN endpoint. The GPIF interface works as SLAVE. The master writes data to the FX3. And, the PC gets th...
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  • Streaming 2MP 30fps, mipi trouble

    Hi Cypress team,   I get mipi problem when i try to stream a video from 2MP Sensor RAW8 at 30 fps.   I can easily make this camera works through a Serializer-Deserializer but when i'm connecting directly t...
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  • CX3 Commit Buffer Error Invalid Sequence and Image Lost

    Hi all,   Hi have an sensor running at 30fps with 1828*998 resolutions connected to CX3 on Mipi and sending RAW12 data. I configure GPIF to transform RAw12 data  in 16 bits. I am using USB block as CY_USB...
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  • Pin Connection for FX3 to Generate PWM

    I have to generate the PWM Signals from FX3 about 100 Hz to 5 kHz. I have connected to Complex GPIF ( 18,19, 20, 21). This is fine or I can generate the PWM from simple GPIF?  
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  • USB3.0 Emphasis (TX), Swing Level Equalizer (RX) for FX3

    Regarding the USB3.0 Emphasis (TX), Swing Level Equalizer (RX), Is there a way to change the setting with FX3  FW? If possible , please share the operation document  mentioned above.   Best Regards Arai
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  • Recording a constant flow of 32-bits data

    I would like to record a constant flow of 32-bits data (using an external  synch clock - 50MHz). Can I do it with the Synch FIFO example ? For the moment I can receive data but every 1024 bytes there is a "gap" i...
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  • How to include NetX in FX3 project?

    Hi I am looking into using NetX with an FX3. I cannot find any of the functions described in the NetX_User_Guide (cannot find anything that starts with nx_ ) Is there a particular header file needed to be included to ...
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  • Swapping MIPI signal lines

    I am in the process of designing a new camera that must interface with an existing device incorporating the CX3 chip. So, the MIPI input signal lines are already defined on the connector of the existing device, and ca...
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  • CYUSB3ACC-004A with New mt9m114 eva board

    Couldn't get MT9M114 eva board   Cypress made interconnect board that is compatible for Aptina older boards and FX3 Explorer kits. i.e. CYUSB3ACC-004 https://www.cypress.com/documentation/development-kitsboards/...
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  • CyUSB3065 GPIO problem

    I want to configure GPIO20,to output High or Low level,but CyU3PDeviceConfigureIOMatrix return a CY_U3P_ERROR_BAD_ARGUMENT error code. I don't know why, Does not GPIO20 is not a general purpose IO?
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  • FX3 Slave FIFO interface problem with regulating data stream

    Hello ! I am trying to use FX3 in Slave Stream In FIFO interface. The main difference to an example provided in AN65974 is that data from FPGA (Altera MAX10) comes on clock from FPGA FIFO, so the stream should be lim...
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  • FPGA to FX3 "Bulk in" problem

    Hello,   I have a very critical question,   I have an FPGA (ARTIX7 C7A100T FTG256) communicating with FX3 USB3.0 chip and from another site with a wireless chip ADC.   When I download SLAVEFIFOSYNC ...
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  • CYUSB3014 如何实现OTG的功能

    Hi Sir,   我们用的主平台是赛灵思,想要通过CYUSB3014+FPGA实现OTG的功能,有几个问题,想请教一下。 1.是否有可以验证功能的EVK呢,我找了下FX3 DVK似乎买不到了,CYUSB3KIT-003的OTG_ID脚好像没有引出来,是否可以拿来验证呢,而且我们想要找个可以连接FPGA的EVK。 2.我下载了SDK,发现里面有USBotg的firmware,这个固件是否可以拿来是否呢,如果要实现O...
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  • FX3 Bulk XferData stuck when receiving data from FPGA through sync_slave_FIFO under SuperSpeed

    Hi all,   As title, we are developing an application which can receive data from FPGA through sync_slave_FIFO to PC.   We  use BulkInEpt->XferData(*) to receive data. It's working fine under USB 2....
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  • Handling Interrupts with same priority

    Hi,   I'm trying to read current value of the Complex GPIO timer (GPIO [25]) whenever i get the Strobe signal from the sensor. One of the GPIO pin (GPIO[19]) is configured as interrupt to Strobe signal. The issu...
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