• Clean FX3 on custom board: VID=0x0000 and Device Descriptor Request Failed

    Hello,   We are developing custom board with FX3. We took as example SuperSpeed Starter Kit schematics In both modes I2C boot to USB fallback and USB boot devices enumeration occures: VID=0x000, PID=0x0002. C...
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  • Identify between two CYUSB3KIT-003

    (1) When two CYUSB3KIT-003 is connected to the same PC using USB boot mode, is there a way to know which is which? The serial number are both SerialNumber="0000000004BE"   (2) How to debug them at the same time?...
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  • FX3™ SuperSpeed Explorer Kit can't transfer data bigger than 65536 16bit words

    Hi,I'm using CYUSB3KIT-003 EZ-USB® FX3™ SuperSpeed Explorer Kit. I connect it with my FPGA board and using asynslavefifo mode. my FPGA board continues to send data  to the Kit by GPIO.  I use eith...
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  • FX3 debug firmware load speed

    When debug the default USBBulkSourceSinkLED project, it takes 10-20 seconds to load the firmware to board, and printing messages like "Loading section *** ".   JTAG Speed is 1Mbps which can load 100KB of firmwar...
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  • Consult Recommend related products

    1,充电宝芯片,充电电流2-3A; 2,充电芯片,充电电流1-2A,要求充电截至电流可以调,有充满状态指示脚; 3,mipi 摄像头转usb 3.0芯片; 4,usb转audio芯片,需要音频输入输出; 5,usb3.0+2.0 HUB;
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  • FX3-UVC: 4K@16 fps,YUY2

    I have changed the firmware provided AN75779 to meet the requirement with the follow features :   1. 32-bit synchronous parallel data interface   2. 16 bits per pixel   3. YUY2 color space   4. 326...
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  • AN75779 modification - FX3 with specific image sensor

    Hi, i have a Enclustra PM3 with Mars ZX3 Zynq 7000 SoC On PM3 Board a FX3 3014  is assembled. Because of the given schematic I can't use GPIO29 als FV Pin. In GPIF II Designer I have changed FV to GPIO21 ...
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  • FX3 data loss in thread switching

    Dear all,   I am using the FX3-USB3014 to capture MPEG2 TS data from LG electronics demodulator IC. Because there is no flow control mechanism between FX3-GPIFII and demodulator output, so I adopted the 2 th...
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  • Can we pass vendor requests without using control center

    Hello Community,   Can we pass vendor requests without using control center i.e..,can we make it automatic in code itself? Let me know whether this is possible or not.   Regards, Sai.
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  • FX3 to FPGA via GPIF II Interface

    Hi,   I have to  transfer data from FX3 to FPGA  using GPIF II interface.I'm using the firmware that is in  AN65974 and i will give data through control center.But i'm able to receive only startin...
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  • FX3-FPGA

    Hello,   I have to transfer data from FX3 to FPGA using GPIF II Interface.     here Producer Events are generating but Consumer Events are not generating.   Please find the firmware and GPIF fil...
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  • CYPD3196-24LDXS application

    Hi Customer is asking how to set the application circuit using CYPD3196-24LDXS with DCDC-converter. DCDC has FB terminal need to be connected to FB pin of CYPD3196. And pullup-R must be 200K Ohm. Regarding pulldown...
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  • CYUSB301X is in 32bit mode.

    CYUSB301X is in 32bit mode. The questions about the interface that is supported in 32bit mode. Is it possible to use GPIO53 ~ GPIO56 SPI mode in 32bit mode? And is it possible to use GPIO50 ~ GPIO52 GPIO mode in 32bit...
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  • GPIFのデータ幅変更に伴う挙動の違いについて

    AN75779をベースにFX3で以前設計した回路をベースに、GPIF側のデータ幅を 8bitと16bitと双方の構成を検討しています。 (8bitと16bitのスピードは同等で、結果的にbit幅の拡張により転送レート自体は倍になります)   8bitでは正常に動作していたのですが、16bit入力で動かそうとしているのですが、 現状うまくいっていません。   パケットを見る限りは、想定よりもパケットが少...
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  • Potential voltage confliction while stacking two CYUSB3KIT-003 - Part II

    Sorry about the late response, now the old post can not be replied.   What about a new solution: remove 5V jumper J3 for both CYUSB3KIT-003, and wire out from both board's J3-pin2 and GND and connect to one comm...
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  • What is frequency on MIPI CSI data lanes if MIPI CSI clock lane has 350MHZ?

    I use 4 MIPI CSI data lanes. What is frequency on MIPI CSI data lanes if MIPI CSI clock lane has 350MHZ? What is the calculation formula for this MIPI data lane frequency?
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  • Interface usage of GPIF state machine

    I want to know how to use the api of CyU3PGpifSMSwitch.I found when I use the api ,the state machine will become strange.When I use this interface and then use the state acquisition interface to get the state immediat...
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  • Problem to get image from AR0431 via CX3

    AR0431 settings: Image format: RAW8 Resolusion: 2304x1746 30fps MIPI 4 lanes   Please, tell me what settings for CX3 i should set
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  • FX3 slave FIFO to UVC

    Hello,   I wanna make data flow like below. =============================== FPGA--------------> FX3 ------------> USB          Slave FIFO    ...
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  • CX3 RAW8 to 24 bit packing

    Our sensor outputs RAW8 data over 4 lane MIPI CSI-2. To achieve highest transfer rate between MIPI CSI-2 receiver and GPIF II we need to use 24-bit wide transfers, which fully utilize GPIF II input bus. According to p...
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