• EZ-USB NX2LP-FLEX nand flash

    Hey Guys I'm using CY7C68034 with two nand flashes, first i used "MT29F16G08FAA" from Micron, which i was not able to program using mfg tool, i could just wipe the nand flash and i can not successfully program it, af...
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  • 如何解决CY3684_EZ-USB_FX2LP_DVK中的实例用keil5无法运行?

    hello: 请问在Windows10下可以安装USB2.0驱动么?为什么HID的实例无法运行,且用烧录程序后,这样显示,能具体告知如何正确导入hid_kd程序么,如何让CY7C68013实现HID功能么?操作结果如附件:由于本人第一次开发CY7C68013的HID功能,请帮忙告知详细步骤谢谢。 Can you install USB2.0 driver under Windows10?Why did the HID ins...
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  • 能提供给我HID的控制程序么

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  • CyUsb3 Driver Resell request

    hello I want CyUsb3 Driver Resell,   INF and Driver info is refer to the attached file
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  • CY7C65211A Initial settings

    Hello   Please tell me about Initial settings of CY7C65211A.   1.Is there a format for customers to list specifications?  (If you have something like USB-PD)   2.Is there a way to write initial sett...
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  • 24LC128(EEPROM)

    I bought a CY4609 development board and after I got out 24LC128 (EEPROM), CY4609 still works. Why? What does the program do?
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  • cypress dual channel serial-usb problem in raspbian

    i bought a light engine and it consists of cypress dual channel module. i use raspbian stretch lite. the problem is that when i attach the device with usb cable to raspberry pi, "lsusb" shows the device but no there i...
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  • Win10 specific issue in data transfer from an FX3 over USB3.

    Hello All,   We are using the Cypress .Net library for data transfer from an FX3 over USB3. The filename is CyUSB.dll, original version, latest version   Our application is WPF, with the c...
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  • CyLibraryInit / Exit in windows?

    Hey Folks,   I am a junior engineer, so be patient with me.   We wrote some Code (c/c++), which activates 3 Leds in different states: (blue, red, off). Just to test if they are working.   This code w...
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  • Migrating EZ-USB to Windows 10

    I am trying to update from a Windows 7 PC to a PC running Windows 10 OS. We only use the CY7C68013A-100 chip on our custom boards. I have programmed these chips in the past using EZ-USB software for Win 7. On the new...
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  • Lossless data storing

    Hello,   I write here because I am new to Cypress devices and I would like to clarify a few doubts.   For a project I am working on I need to transfer (without loss of information) data at 48 MB/s (32 bit...
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  • Cypress USB-Serial Configuration Utility SPI Frequencyについて

    こんにちは   CY65211Aの評価を行いたく、CYUSB234の評価キットに張り替えて使用しています。 3MHzのSPIでの評価がしたいためCypress ”USB-Serial Configuration Utility”によりSPI Frequencyを設定しました。   この設定をしてCOM Portのボーレートを変更したところ、指定の周波数にて動作しました。 (はじめ...
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  • Upload EEPROM FX2LP issues

    Hi, using Cypress FX2LP, we are currently storing our MCU firmware in the EEPROM, what I will call the 'main' firmware.   We have a second/alternate MCU firmware program, whose sole purpose is to function as...
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  • How to add stop bit during CX3 I2C read timing sequence?

    Hi all        I came across problem when use CX3 I2C communicate with slave device, here is details:      register address and read bytes are 2 bytes     ...
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  • Noob question, Is the changover for XTALIN Automatic for CY7C68013A-100?

    Hi All   Hopefully this isn't covered elsewhere, but I've spent some time searching and had no luck.   I have a device with a 24MHz xtal and would like to change this to an external 3.3v oscillator.  ...
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  • CyUSBS236 I2C to external device

    Hi Cypress,   I have CyUSBS236 DVK board and wanted to connect external I2C device to it.   I configured SCB0 to I2C and set SCB0 "jump 17" and "jump 20" to "1 and 2", which means I can connect external de...
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  • how to config CY7C65215A under a  linux host?

    i'm now using a CY7C65215A in our new production,   One problem is "Device Configuration Utility" is windows only, and there is no API documents on flash its internal eeprom.   how can i config my lots of...
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  • .NET CyUSBDevice Recovery

    Hey all,   I'm working on making my wrapper around the the CyUSB interface very robust, including being thread and process safe. I've gotten the device to recove in most of my uses cases via code, but there are ...
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  • CyUSBSerial GPIO problem

    Hi   I want to use your CyUSBSerial SDK to send commands to TI DLP4710EVM-LC. The Cy7c65215 dual channels chip is configured as below by TI   --------------------------------------------------------------...
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  • PSoC6 with USB High-Speed

    Hi,   I am looking at PSoC6 + CY7C68001 (https://www.cypress.com/file/124346/download), which I found as the only possible solution from cypress in combination with PSoC, or would you suggest something else? ...
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