• cypress fx3 usb 2.0 VGA 15fps

    Hi,     I am using AN75779 example code.     I am trying to stream VGA resolution 15fps over USB 2.0.     But the sample application is for super speed configuration lik...
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  • Where are the errata for CY7C65211, CY7C65213, CY7C65215?

    Having just discovered this post "CY7C65211 cyusbserial.dll library function CyI2cRead() length bug, errata?", I wonder where the errata are hidden for the CY7C6521x devices. Despite most of the discussions having ta...
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  • IFCLK frequency in FIFO slave mode

    Hi all   According to the EZ-USB Technical Reference Manual, the IFCLK pin can be driven at any frequency between 5MHz and 48MHz. In my application, the IFCLK is sourced from the external clock and it works w...
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  • fx2lp isochronous aadj with 512 quad buffering and 2 additional transactions per microframe

    Probably answering the question myself, the TRM states that the aadj=1 will check only 1024byte commited buffers but I was wondering if it should work also on 512byte packets /fifo buffers for IN(2) endpoints. It does...
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  • CY7C64215 different backend(die) revision

    We use CY7C64215 so many years. But current silicon revision is D. Have any PCN / Datasheet or other document to description the difference? I also find on Cypress website datasheet just show errata still keep on...
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  • JTAG and SPI communication issue.

    Hello,   We are using cypress FX3 DVK for our application and we are facing a major issue of jtag debugger and SPI communication pins. As we noticed that the SPI lines used by JTAG (FTDI chip), the same pins ar...
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  • Low budget USB controller that can detect if it is connected to a Notebook/ Tablet with running OS.

    I need a low budget chip that can detect if it is connected to a running notebook or tablet. For example I have a USB hub / USB docking station where the USB ports have always power. I need a chip that would be con...
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  • Obsolete application note for MPEG2-TS Interface

    We are currently developing an ISDB-T receiver. It's components include: 1)RF Tuner, 2)ISDB Demodulator, and 3)MPEG Transport Stream to USB. We are targeting to use the EZ-USB FX2LP Microcontroller CY7C68013A for our ...
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  • FX2LP I2C does not work properly, EZUSB_WriteI2C does not return

    Hello,   I am writing an FX2LP firmware, and I would like to read the battery voltage through I2C. I implement my version based on I2C Read/Write in FX2LP - KBA224159  and https://www.cypress.com/documentati...
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  • FX2LP not responsive after changing VID/PID

    Hi; I'm a newbie in Cypress world. I have a custom board with FX2LP chip. I changed the VID/PID which is saved on the onboard EEPROM. After that I can't connect to the board neither can I install the Cypress driver f...
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  • CY7C68013A-56LTXC

    Hi,      CY7C68013A-56LTXC带Linux驱动吗?插上USB是不是提示直接安装?
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  • CX3 streaming issue over USB 2.0

    Hi All,   I'm having a CX3 device which is programmed to act as a UVC-CDC device(based on the sample code Cx3UvcOV5640_UVC_CDC). The Stream is having some issue in USB 2.0 for some resolutions but it's working ...
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  • 关于CYUSB3014-BZXI热插拔掉数据的问题。

    在使用 CYUSB3014-BZXI 的时候出现如下两个问题,不知道你们是否有遇到?有没有相应的解决方案? 1.在使用cypress 过程中,发现有时候(极小概率),插入USB之后,Windows设备管理器无法识别到USB 2. 按照说明书,USB最大发送数据包大小为16k, 如果不断插拔USB(热插拔),这个值大概率就不等于16k了,变小了。
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  • cx3  AMCAP 提示the graph cannt preview

    1,目前我设备枚举是正常的 我现在sensor输出是正常的 工作在continus模式下面。代码是通过CX3 tool 自动生成的。我想问一下,通过测试点是否可以确定,cx3 已经解析出了 sensor 的行场信号,我是Sensor是8位的Raw 输出。 2:我的sensor raw8 输出,是不是我的上位机软件 在自已写上位机软件接收,AMCAP是不是都 不支持。 3:附件是我的一些图像抓图。我sensor 在输出格式是R...
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  • How to enable USB Type A code in the pa_opto_fb firmware?

    We are developing a device with 2 USB-C ports and 2 USB-A ports using opto feedback and the CYPD3174. Using the baseline pa_opto_fb firmware, how do I go about adding USB-A functionality? I have noticed in the code t...
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  • CYUSB3014与PC通信几小时后断开,重新插拔可再次通信

    PC是WIN7系统,PC端APP通过USB3与下位机通信几个小时以后,通信就会断开,通过bus hound抓不到任何通信数据,出错时CYUSB芯片的心跳灯正常,PC的设备管理器设备也正常。 重新插拔 或禁用,再启用以后,通信立刻回复正常。
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  • FX2LP Endpoint2 (IN, BULK) Issue in Slave FIFO mode

    Hi,   I am using FX2LP to transfer an image captured from an image sensor. It is very similar to Interfacing FX2LP™ with Image Sensor – KBA95736. The VSYNC (Frame Valid) in our setup is connected to ...
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  • WDF Coinstaller for a cyusb driver

    Hi, I'm trying to do a driver with the cyusb suite for my FX2 chip.   I saw some people are using WDF Coinstaller for their Cypress device, so how do I know if I have to use the WDF Coinstaller installation in ...
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  • CY7C65211A - Do drivers exist for SPI to USB for Android 5.1?

    I want to connect a SPI device to a CPU running Android 5.1 through a SPI to USB bridge.  Do these drivers exist?
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  • (CY7C68300C) About procedure necessary for recognition of CF

    Hi,   I want to confirm about CY7C68320C-100AXC.   (Background) Customers use the CY7C68300C as a controller for CF (CompactFlash). There is no problem accessing the CF. However, if you insert or remove...
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