• CY7C65215 CyUsbSerial library high CPU load

    Hi,   i experience a high CPU load when using the CyUsbSerial Lib. The CPU load goes up to 30% on my embedded device after connecting a callback with the function CySetEventNotification(). The callback itself d...
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  • CY65211 USBtoSPI

    Hello   Please tell me about communication between CY7C65211A and MCU. How is USB (CDC) data converted to SPI and transmitted to the microcomputer?   I want to see the internal state when converting USB c...
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  • 24LC128(EEPROM)

    I bought a CY4609 development board and after I got out 24LC128 (EEPROM), CY4609 still works. Why? What does the program do?
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  • EZ-USB NX2LP-FLEX nand flash

    Hey Guys I'm using CY7C68034 with two nand flashes, first i used "MT29F16G08FAA" from Micron, which i was not able to program using mfg tool, i could just wipe the nand flash and i can not successfully program it, af...
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  • Can you give me the firmware example  code of cy7c68013A?

    hi:   Do I want to support Linux and android with CY7C68013 to provide an example code for UVC?    thanks
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  • FX2LP - How to detect "end of transfer" in FIFO read if FPGA reads faster than FIFO fills

    Hello everybody,   I'm currently designing a board which involves USB communication from an FPGA through an FX2LP.   I aim to interface my FPGA to the FX2 with the default Slave FIFO Interface. The applic...
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  • How to control gpio in CYUSBS236

    We use CYUSBS236, both channels are configured to UART mode, CDC protocol, UART setting Type: 2 pin   J24 J25 J26 J27  pin 1 and pin 2 are connected.   The problem is: when I try to set GPIO_10-13 by Cy...
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  • Configuration Utility - No device detected

    Hey folks,   I am a junior engineer, aka a beginner and I will try to describe the issues I have, as exactly as I am able to.   We got some Hardware to work with, it contains a Cypress "CY7C652" chip. As ...
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  • CYUSB3610: Industrial grade(0-70'C) :(

    It seems that CYUSB3610 is not an industrial grade IC are there any industrial grade IC which does USB 3.0 to Ethernet controller. In my application the processor supports USB 3.0 so I've initially planned with LAN78...
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  • drivers for 64bit PCs

    Hi   We are using USB2UART bridge CY7C6515-32LTX, the latest driver (from windows update) is for 32bit PCs, is there are drivers for 64bit too?   Thank you
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  • CY7C65211 more SPI device support?

    1. 請問SPI Node後面 chip select接兩個以上的device, USB-Serial SDK中有support嗎? 因為Cypress提供的CyUSBSerialTestUtility沒看到可以對chip select做選擇.   2. 當 usb後的SPI Node接兩個以上, driver 會建立不同 DeviceNum供選擇對嗎?
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  • CY7C65215-32LTXI Device Open Failed if There are several Devices with FX3 Chipset

    Hi,   I am developing a Test board which using the CY7C65215-32LTXI for USB-I2C interface. I wrote a the I2C driver based on the Example from the USB-Serial-SDK. It works fine up until I connected 2 Cypress FX3 ...
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  • CY7C68013A 56 pin to CMOS Sensor Hardware Interface

    Hello,   Looking for support with the hardware interface of a CMOS image sensor to the CY7C68013A.  Saw similar posts, but never really saw an answer.   CMOS sensor provides a 10-bit parallel output w...
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  • CY7C68013A 128pin as replacement for 100pin

    Hello, I'm new in the world of cypress mcu's. Having that in mind, I will ask two probably funny questions. Here is my current state: I have a device with CY7C68013A 100pin version(the mcu hereafter) and a 4k eeprom ...
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  • 如何通过PC端把文件烧写到CY7C65215

    芯片型号:CY7C65215 项目描述:给坚果做的投影仪方案; 问题点:需要将PC端的文件通过我们的芯片烧录进Flash,我们是否有上位机软件提供? 谢谢!
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  • cb failure in cx3 high-speed

    hi: The same resolution(2500*1025) works correct under supper-speed, but it does not work correct under high t-speed Cx3 is in USB2.0 mode: if the acmap viewing software is not turned on, cx3 can normally parse Mipi...
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  • I want to use cy7c68013+max3421E(host) +oled  to receive the data of USB scanner  and oled display

    1.Can CY7C68013A receive USB scanner data and OLED display via Max3421E (host)? 2.Attached is the associated code of Max 3421e with integration. 3.But when I try to  integrate the max3421e code ,, there are alw...
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  • CY7C65215 Driver Open Failed

    Hello, I am using CyUSBSerial_SDK_Linux on Raspberry Pi to control a projector that uses Cypress usb-to-spi chip(CY7C65215), I wrote a c program for communicating with the device. Everything was working fine on Raspb...
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  • Cypress EZ USB Suite linux, control center

    When I'm trying to open control center in linux. It pops that "Please Visit PreferencePage and Configure Control Centre's Path!" I'm trying to find a path. where is it? Thank you.
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  • CY7C65215-32LTXI Driver

    Hi Using the USB to I2C tool does not work, the developers recommend that we need to update the USB driver to (File format: image file). Can you help with the driver? Thanks.
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