• Is there a possibility to send single Bytes with Cy7C65215 and ignore NACK?

    Hey there,   we want to implement a "start sequence" with CY7C65215 via i2c. The following seqence needs to be realized:   Start - 0x04 - NotACK --- RepeatedStart - 0x34 - NotACK --- RepeatedStart - 0x06 -...
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  • FX2LP - How to detect "end of transfer" in FIFO read if FPGA reads faster than FIFO fills

    Hello everybody,   I'm currently designing a board which involves USB communication from an FPGA through an FX2LP.   I aim to interface my FPGA to the FX2 with the default Slave FIFO Interface. The applic...
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  • cb failure in cx3 high-speed

    hi: The same resolution(2500*1025) works correct under supper-speed, but it does not work correct under high t-speed Cx3 is in USB2.0 mode: if the acmap viewing software is not turned on, cx3 can normally parse Mipi...
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  • Cypress EZ USB Suite linux, control center

    When I'm trying to open control center in linux. It pops that "Please Visit PreferencePage and Configure Control Centre's Path!" I'm trying to find a path. where is it? Thank you.
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  • CyUSB3 Driver Resell

    Having been through the driver resell process once with you back in May this year  (Srinath.S@cypress.com helped but his EMail is no longer receiving messages) we have found that we need to get an updated version...
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  • CY7C65215-32LTXI Driver

    Hi Using the USB to I2C tool does not work, the developers recommend that we need to update the USB driver to (File format: image file). Can you help with the driver? Thanks.
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  • x64 build of cyusbserial.dll

    Hi,   We are integrating a product from TI which supplies an x86 API that uses an x86 build of the cyusbserial.dll.   We need to port all of this to an x64 compiler, is there a directly compatible x64 ver...
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  • CY_FX2LP_LGS_ DMB-TH_TV Dongle

    Hi,   I have refer above mention model but I am unable to open supplied Eagle DMB-TH-V1_1_PCB.brd file. Can you please suggest me, which eagle version used to create this brd file??   Thanks in advance.
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  • I want to use cy7c68013+max3421E(host) +oled  to receive the data of USB scanner  and oled display

    1.Can CY7C68013A receive USB scanner data and OLED display via Max3421E (host)? 2.Attached is the associated code of Max 3421e with integration. 3.But when I try to  integrate the max3421e code ,, there are alw...
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  • unable to detect cypress cy7c68013 (used in analog device eval board) using cyusb.dll

    dear all i am unable to detect cypress cy7c68013 (used in analog device eval board) using cyusb.dll using custom C# application.(unable to detect cyusb device arrival, removal...) I have tried bulkloop project from ...
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  • both of the usb3.0 and usb2.0 can be enumerated successful,  usb3.0 can transmit vedio in both YUV and RGB565 but usb2.0 can only transmit vedio in YUV

    both of the usb3.0 and usb2.0 can be enumerated successful,  usb3.0 can transmit vedio in both YUV and RGB565 but usb2.0 can only transmit vedio in YUV. Is there anybody can show me any possible circumstance? Tha...
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  • Linux SDK installation

    Hello,   I want to request a detailed from scratch installation instruction for Linux! Readme file in the SDK is not working in Ubuntu 16!!!   I saw many people had this problem! also mention how to chan...
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  • device not identified after CY7C65630

    I have an application with two boards,  one of them use a CY7C68013, let's call this board A. one of them has a CY7C65630 and CY7C68013 let's call this board B,   the problem is that when I plug the A boar...
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  • CyUsb3 Driver Resell request

    hello I want CyUsb3 Driver Resell,   INF and Driver info is refer to the attached file
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  • FX2LP MPEG2-TS output to ASIC

    Hello community!   I'm new here and have no prior experience with Cypress products. We are working on a solution to stream mpeg2-ts from a file over usb to an ASIC (proprietary stream manipulation which we have ...
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  • Reconfirmation Windows 10 Enterprise 2019 LTSC Driver for CY7C65213

    Hello, I asked before and I got USB-Serial driver from: https://community.cypress.com/message/201696?sr=search&searchId=0fc37be6-8197-42bb-a4f3-b48d979b1bb0&searchIndex=4#201696   Even though I got an ...
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  • CY7C68013 EZ-USB FX2 (not a CY7C68013A).

    Hello! I have a cypress microcontroller CY7C68013 EZ-USB FX2(not a fx-2LP). Can i  use last version of CyApi.lib to download the firmware hex file into the CY7C68013 RAM? (C# or C++ vesrion). And do I understan...
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  • How did windows Cyapi.lib communicate in bulk transaction compare to libusb with ubuntu?

    Hello:      I am currently using a fx2 based usb camera devlopment board, When I use Cyapi.lib to design a QT program  to communicate with it, Things all going fine to me, I can get a picture...
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  • FX3: How to persist com port numbers for multiple CDC devices in a composite device

    I have a composite device with two CDC devices exposed as USB Serial Ports.  When this device is reset the COM port numbers often change.   I want then to stay the same.   The driver used is: Cypr...
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  • Can Fx2lp work with USB3.1 receptacle and USB 3 Cable?

    Hi,   I want to take advantage of USB 3 power that is near 7W. But my design contain Fx2LP. So is it posssible to connect Fx2lp wit usb 3 receptacles? I am ok with speed limited to 480 Mbps as per USB2.0 specifi...
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