• Cypress-Windows10 compatibility

    Hi, I have been a long time user of Cypress Suite USB. I specifically used the Cypress Driver in my hardware devices. According to the Cypress online documentation, the Cypress drivers are only supported for no newer ...
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  • USB Host for Data Transfer and Power Supply

    I'm implementing a Data transfer Interface to bypass the proccessed data from a FPGA to the PC. I need high datarate and Power supply for FPGA and other parts connecting to the FPGA. As follows: Data Transfer to PC:...
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  • About USB 2.0 HUB implementation

    Dears. My customer wants to use cypress Hub solution to implement 1 Upstream & 30 Downstreem ports(USB 2.0) Hub and is wondering that is possible to do it in reality or not. If you have any cypress robust soluti...
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  • Does CYUSB4357 Type-c HUB support DP multiplexing function?

            Standard type-c interface with two pins SBU1 and SBU2? The USB 3.1 Gen 2 / Display Port 1.4 crossover switch for Type-C can be used for DP interface expansion, but I see the ...
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  • CY7C65634-48AXC Overcurrent protection

    Hi,   I am using "CY7C65634-48AXC" part in my design. I have a doubt on the overcurrent protection.  In the datasheet I can see this: "After detecting an overcurrent condition, hub reports overcurrent condi...
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  • The host cannot detect a board using CY7C65215

    Hello,   I designed a board using the chip CY7C65215 based on the schematic shown in the datasheet. I didn't use the MCU, the Battery Charger and other peripherals as the datasheet said.  When I connected t...
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  • About the low level GANG pin waveform for CY7C65642-28TXCT

    Please find attached.When they checked the rising waveform of the GANG pin, it dropped to the low level.However, since there is no problem with the rise of the 3.3V waveform , they are thinking that something has happ...
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  • CYUSB3610  ESD & life test report for design evaluation

    Hi Cypress   Can you provide the ESD & life test report of "CYUSB3610" for design evaluation , Thank !!
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  • FPGA+CYUSB3014读写U盘容易实现吗,有实例吗?

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  • Chip selection for 2-port CDC host

    I need a 2-port host that can bridge 2 CDC slaves.  What is the best chip for doing this?  The closest I can find is CY7C67300 but I don't see any development kits or example projects that show how to enumer...
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  • HX3PD Flash Support list

    Please provide me the HX3PD Flash Support list
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  • HX3PD lowest power option

    I have a power conscious design where the HX3PD is only needed when an upstream device is present (small percent of the use case).   What is the lowest power state for the part, and what do I need to do to put ...
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  • linux driver for CY7C65621

    Hi, Can anybody advise me from where we shall get linux driver for CY7C65621. We intend to use in Linux OS Embedded system.   Regards, jagdish
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  • Is there linux driver for USB hub CY7C65621 as we intend to use in Linux OS Embedded system.

    Hi, Can anybody advise me from where we shall get linux driver for CY7C65621. We intend to use in Linux OS Embedded system.   Regards, jagdish
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  • CY7C65642-28 Unknown USB Device (Device Descriptor Request Failed)

    Hello everyone! When I connect the chip to PC it show a massage "USB device not recognized" and on Device manager it shows Unknown USB Device (Device Descriptor Request Failed) I have checked the document DOC-14871 ...
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  • CYUSB4347-BZXC application qrestions

    Hi Cypress   We have 5 downstream from camera (USB3.1 Gen1 / data rate is 7.5Gbps (1.5Gbps*5)  ) and 1 upstream USB3.1 Gen2) for system , It have to work in same time . Whether CYUSB4347-BZXC can support it...
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  • Anyone experience Windows 10 Driver issue with CYUSB3302 hub IC?

    We are currently using the CYUSB3302 in one of our products and have never experienced any issues with Windows 10.  A customer of ours can't get the USB 3.0 superspeed functionality to work with Windows 10. ...
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  • CY7C65632 USB-Hub Issues in Linux

    Hello, I'm having a very strange problem with my USB hub in Linux (Debian 9, Kernel 4.14). I started with the CY7C65631 chip, then changed to the CY7C65632 hoping the problem would go away since this seems to be the...
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  • Unknown USB Device (Link in Compliance Mode) error code 43/22

    hello all. I am using cypress ITEM - CYUSB3314-88LTXI, in my design, when connecting the design with the CYUSB3314-88LTXI as a hub to the computer HOST , I am receiving the next errors - Unknown USB Device (Link in C...
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  • USB2  CY7C65631 functening as  a USB2  HUB expander  nothings work , attached schematics

    hi.   I have a design in which the CYUSB3314 is the main USB3 HUB upstream to the host, being identified well by the host, and two of its ports currently working as a USB3 Down streams. I have one downstream - ...
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