• I was asked about USB2.0 Hub CYUSB2304-68LTXI.

    I was asked about USB2.0 Hub CYUSB2304-68LTXI.     1. What is the actual threshold of VHSDSC(Disconnection Envelope Detector)?    They know that the min & max VHSDSC values described in the U...
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  • Cypress USB3 4603 HX3 DVK  Violating PENDING_HP_TIMER

    Based on the 3.1 Standard (Table 7-7), the PENDING_HP_TIMER has a 3 us value.  However, I see certain cases that Cypress Hub violates this timer marginally by about ~100-200ns. In our test setup, these recoveries...
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  • CY7C65642 Getting Very Hot and Failed upon device Hot Plug

    Hi Cypress DevCommunity!   I am currently running into the following situation... Hoping that I can get some help on pinpointing the root cause.   When a device is hot plugged to the downstream port of the...
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  • CYUSB3314 individual Port Power control i2c Code

    I am searching for i2c code when cyusb3314 is in slave mode and I can configure individual port power control ,Please share Linux i2c sample code
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  • CY7C67200 driver windows 10

    Hi All,   I am trying to use a CY7C67200 USB control chip to enable communication between an FPGA and a host computer. The reason I am using this chip is that it is pre installed on the development board I am us...
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  • HX3 I2C ACspec

    I want to know CYUSB2304's I2C AC specs. However, there is no description of AC specs in "HX3 USB 3.0 Hub datasheet(001-73643 Rev.*R)". I think it is equivalent to "PSoC Creator Component I2C Master/Multi Master/Sla...
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  • Cypress CYUSB3314 design problem

    Hi Cypress   Whether have design issue When We only connect USB3.0 pins in CYUSB3314 circuit Then let USB2.0 pins don't connect anything and keep open , Thank !!
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  • Cannot include a header file in EZ USB Suite.

    I reinstalled and repaired the SDK several times but the header file is not able to be resolved in the source code. This header file is not present in the workspace, it is an inbuilt include file. How can I solve the ...
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  • 快速切换usb传输通道和uart传输通道

    大家好, 具体问题:系统中usb传输通道与uart通道同时存在,希望能够快速切换这两种数据传输模式。请问有什么合适的芯片推荐吗?谢谢大家!
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  • How to change drive strength of CYUSB3304-68LTXI USB HUB?

    Hi All,   We are working on NXP'S imx8 based custom design. we had interface cypress's CYUSB3304-68LTXI USB hub. It is working fine with SOC. We need to change the drive strength of the USB HUB. So, we have fol...
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  • CY7C65642 bypassing #PWR and #OVR pins

    Hi, we are designing a new USB hub, and I have a question about the #PWR and #OVR pins. If our downstream devices are self powered, is there any problem with bypassing the #PWR and #OVR pins? I am planning to leave th...
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  • HX3 charging limit issue

    Hi, we have charging problem with CYUSB3328 hubs.   Expectation: At startup we want to read out cypress settings. We want to verify that correct set of settings are in use. Then we want to charge phones with 1,...
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  • LED behavior definition and control method of CY7C65632/42

    Hi, I'd like to use CY7C65632/42 for the project. I see there's LED control pins on CY7C65632/42 series But I'm wondering - 1. What is the default control behaviour for GREEN/AMBER? 2. Can you control the L...
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  • CYUSB3304 - I2C Communication failure

    We're having problems with a device which uses CYUSB3304 configured in I2C slave mode as a USB hub. When we send a call to the 7-bit address 0x60, the I2C rail will enter a blocked state, never producing the stop cond...
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  • CY7C68013A's smart Serial Interface Engine

    We are currently looking into integrating the EZ-USB FX2LP USB Microcontroller in a new product and we would like to understand better how the smart SIE, which implements the Re-enumeration concept (which we find very...
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  • CY7C65642 USB 2.0 hub power consumption ?

    We are planning to use Cypress CY7C65642 USB2.0 very low power USB hub in bus powered mode for our new product.  Can you share me how much is the power consumption of this Hub for 2- DS - ports to be active and b...
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  • Use the CYUSB3014 firmware programming registration callback function to parse the two, what is the meaning of the parameters?

    Just contact USB, there is a question I would like to ask There is a registration callback function in the CYUSB3014 firmware programming:     CyU3PUsbRegisterSetupCallback(CyFxSlFIFoApplnUSBSetuPCB, CyTru...
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  • usb2 trace length on the HX3 hub

    Hi. I am in a middle of layout stage with your items HX2 and HX3. I am using the HX3 - CYUSB3314.   I have long trace length constrain  - 4 inch for USB2:  DS3_D (pins 77 and 78) on the CYUSB3314. W...
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    hi all. i can see in the begining of the data sheet requirments for externa leeprom/ then in the later pages - page 10 , there is the default descriptors . is this means i can work with this device without extranl ...
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  • Can any share C# program for transffering data from FPGA to PC

    I am new to this C#. I want a C# program to transfer Data from FPGA to PC. I tried using Bulkloop_VCS it is not working may be I have to make some changes but I have No Idea How the Bulkloop_VCS Program written so If ...
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