• Converting HEX file to iic

     I'm trying to create a iic with the following data     0xCO     0x7918     0x0110     0x0200     its a USB boot eprom with ...
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  • Cypress USB3 4603 HX3 DVK Credit Issue

    Has anybody seen an issue with Cypress USB3 4603 HX3 DVK "Rev C" re Rx Header Buffer Credit per USB3.1 Standard?   Specifically, in our system, I'm seeing the hub's upstream port issues an extra credit (5 instea...
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  • Request OrCAD symbol for CYUSB3314-88LTXC

    Request OrCAD symbol for CYUSB3314-88LTXC Thank you, Roland  
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  • CY7C65621 , suitable crystal

    hi all.  in the   CY7C65621 usb2 hub, the criteria for suitable crystal is unclear - page 22  12pf,500uW crystal. 24Mhz is o.k.understood, but 12pF, and 500uW ?? is this are the maximum ratings or t...
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  • recommend the USB HOST

    有客户需要USB HOST,主要用于仪表,看了下有CY7C67300,CY7C67200,SL811HS,这三个型号有什么区别?主推这三个型号当中哪个?
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  • USB3.0 HUB CYUSB3302-68LTXI support

    We are using one new USB3.0 HUB CYUSB3302-68LTXI. Do you have any idea for the MODE SEL ? What is the default setting? What would happen when I pull up SEL0&1 when power on. Do I need to pre-program the EEPRO...
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  • HX2VL - Individual mode (pin 39) might not meet input low voltage requirement at worst case

    ‘Input leakage current’ is the current flowing to the chip I/O, when the corresponding I/O configured as input mode. This current will draw from external supply; or from another chip’s output connec...
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  • CY7C65640A hub with default parameters does not work at High speed with Intel ICH9

            Hi,    I'm having problems with the CY7C65640A hub with a new Quad core machine.    The machine is a IP35 Pro from ASUS that uses the Intel IC...
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  • Is anybody trying to replace Microchip's USB4914? Multi-Host Endpoint Reflector? What's it? And how to replace it with Cypress?

    One of my customer is saying he has no other choice than to use Microchip's USB4914. Does anybody experience or idea?   Thanks, Stanley
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  • i am using CYUSB3314-88LTXI USB2/3 HUB.on one of its downstreams i am only using the USB2 functionality, what to do with the unused pins of the superspeed USB3, can i leave them float or better to ground  ?

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  • 推荐下USB2.0 转SDXC接口 芯片

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  • cypress - CY7C65631 AND CY7C65630

    hi all. does someone know what is the different between CY7C65631 AND CY7C65630.  i dont see any differences between the data sheets ? thx. nitsan.
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  • DP alt-mode on HX3PD

    Hi, the no-longer-supported HX3C reference design used PS8742b to add DisplayPort to the docking station. What's the current recommendation for adding DisplayPort alternate mode to a docking station based on HX3PD wit...
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  • what is the different between CY7C65630 and CY7C65631 ?

    HI ALL.   what is the different between CY7C65630 and CY7C65631 ?   thx. nitsan.
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  • cascading HX3PDs to get greater-than-3 Gen2 TypeC DFP

    Hello there,   I would like to understand the feasibility of using multiple HX3PDs to create a hub with more than three 10Gbps TypeC ports on a single host.   Let's start with the reference design -- a sin...
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  • 【CY7C68300C-56LTXC】ハードウェアリセットをアサートする条件

    ≪使用環境≫ IC:CY7C68300C-56LTXC   ≪質問≫ ホスト>デバイス が電源ONになるとATAバス上に設置したATAアナライザには以下の様なデータが取得されます。 この様にInitialize中?にはホストから頻繁にResetがアサート → ネゲートされます。(しかし問題無く使用できています) これはホストの仕様でしょうか?(設定で回避できるのものでしょうか?) もし、ホストがハードウェアリ...
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  • HX3C USB

    Hello Team,   We are trying to configure HX3C USB Hub. Earlier device is detecting but it is showing as Unknown device. But at present it is not detecting at all. Attached schematics, hardware setup for your ref...
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  • Consulting with CYUSB3065

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  • Hub HX3 impedance 50 OHMS

    想請教 大大 貴公司   impedance 50 OHMS 1.  BOTTON層  WIDTH要在5mil  指的是什麼?(是電源訊號 ,還是高速訊號) 2. TOP層      WIDTH要在5mil  ,指的是什麼? (是電源訊號 ,還是高速訊號)@ 3. SIGNAL 1層  ...
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  • Recommend a USB chip that supports MIPI csi-2 V1.3

    推荐一款可以支持MIPI CSI-2 V1.3的USB芯片,我们的应用需求必需要用到MIPI CSI-2 V1.3里面的C-PHY,请帮助推荐下,谢谢!
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