hi all. i can see in the begining of the data sheet requirments for externa leeprom/ then in the later pages - page 10 , there is the default descriptors . is this means i can work with this device without extranl ...
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  • Can any share C# program for transffering data from FPGA to PC

    I am new to this C#. I want a C# program to transfer Data from FPGA to PC. I tried using Bulkloop_VCS it is not working may be I have to make some changes but I have No Idea How the Bulkloop_VCS Program written so If ...
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  • CYUSB3314-88LTXC

    Can someone provide the pad and solder mask opening layout information for the CYUSB3314-88LTXC? Thanks, Roland
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  • how to use CY7C65642 - 28 to create a 7-port hub?

    Hello,   I would like to use the CY7C65642 - 28L to create a 7-port hub 2.0 with two parts but I have not found any reference into documentation to help me with this design.   Is it possible to use two CY7...
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  • 【CY7C68300C-56LTXC】Master/Slaveデバイスへのアクセスについて

    お世話になります。   本ICを使用してCFをMaster/Slaveの2枚接続で使用していますが、 数百回から数千回に一回の頻度でCFを2枚とも認識しない現象が出てしまいます。   CFベンダに調査を依頼したところ、PATAアナライザのログと共に次のようなコメントがありました。   ・NGの時の56141110行のDASPをアサートされていないことより、  自身をSlaveデバイスと思って...
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  • How to set up a CYUSB3302-68LTXI minimum configuration.

    Hi, I want to design a hub with the CYUSB3302-68 which should be build in to a desktop equipment with two industrial cameras USB 3.1 inside. The US port will be the USB connection (Typ B) of the desktop equipment, in...
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  • Is there a way to disable USB3 Tx SSC on the HX3 USB 3.0 HUB Controller ?

    Is there a way to disable USB3 Tx spread-spectrum (SSC) on the HX3 USB 3.0 HUB Controller ? Can SSC enable/disable be done per port or upstream vs downstream ports ?
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  • CY4608 HX2VL Gerbers/BOM

    Hello,   Ive been testing the CY4608 HX2VL and its been good so far. I want to integrate it into my design, but I couldn't find a BOM or gerber files to read (only the schematic). Can those be sent out as well? ...
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  • CYUSB4347-BZXC

    Hi,   We are in need of full source code for the cypress PD enabled hub, as we are using MPQ4230 buck/boost IC and not the reference design Onsemi controller   we need to be able to make firmware to contro...
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  • How to connect DSx_OVRCURR when using pin-strap configuration for cyusb3314

    Hi, How to connect DSx_OVRCURR when using pin-strap configuration for cyusb3314.I didn't see anything  in the datasheet.   thanks
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  • CX3 是否可以实现两个camera的图像拼接?

    CX3 是否可以实现两个camera的图像拼接?
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  • :  CYUSB4357-BZXC - Problem loading firmware

    I have a customer who is having issues loading firmware.  ================================= I am trying to load the firmware image onto the Hub. I have tried both using the configuration utility software as we...
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  • 【CY7C68300C-56LTXC】通信モードの優先順位

    ≪使用環境≫ IC:CY7C68300C-56LTXC 設定:通信モードの設定は下図を参照 接続デバイスの仕様:ATA Ultra DMA mode 4 まで対応 Enable UDMA mode2                  ...
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  • CYUSB3314电源使能控制引脚,能否通过CPU发送特定命令进行主动控制

    CYUSB3314每个接口都有一对过流检测和外部电源使能控制引脚,这个电源使能控制引脚,能否通过CPU发送特定命令进行主动控制?例如CPU通过HUB的上行USB接口,或者是通过I2C接口,发送特定的控制命令?  目的是为了做这个软件控制,主要是考虑当USB负载出现非过流异常时(例如读写变慢、无法写入等),能够通过CPU主动对负载进行重新上电操作。这个不知道HUB是否能够实现?
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  • Cannot install SDK USB3 windows 10

    Hi,   I am struggling to install the sdk in windows 10. It keeps asking .NET3.5 but that is impossible to install in the newest windows 10. Any solution? Many thanks!   Richardson
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  • Converting HEX file to iic

     I'm trying to create a iic with the following data     0xCO     0x7918     0x0110     0x0200     its a USB boot eprom with ...
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  • Cypress USB3 4603 HX3 DVK Credit Issue

    Has anybody seen an issue with Cypress USB3 4603 HX3 DVK "Rev C" re Rx Header Buffer Credit per USB3.1 Standard?   Specifically, in our system, I'm seeing the hub's upstream port issues an extra credit (5 instea...
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  • Request OrCAD symbol for CYUSB3314-88LTXC

    Request OrCAD symbol for CYUSB3314-88LTXC Thank you, Roland  
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  • CY7C65621 , suitable crystal

    hi all.  in the   CY7C65621 usb2 hub, the criteria for suitable crystal is unclear - page 22  12pf,500uW crystal. 24Mhz is o.k.understood, but 12pF, and 500uW ?? is this are the maximum ratings or t...
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  • recommend the USB HOST

    有客户需要USB HOST,主要用于仪表,看了下有CY7C67300,CY7C67200,SL811HS,这三个型号有什么区别?主推这三个型号当中哪个?
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