• Can one TCPWM component give two channel PWM wave?

    Hi CY Friend,   I have a question, the TCPWM component can give two channel PWM wave: line and line_n. on psoc 4 series mcu can it give two channel on CCG4?   Thanks sophie
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  • CCG2 Paddle Card Design using CY4502 and EZ-PD Configuration Utility

    I am trying to implement the CCG2 Paddle Card Reference Design using the CY4502 and CY4501 development kits. The reference design and files I am using are from here: https://www.cypress.com/documentation/reference-des...
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  • About the fastest processing speed for CCG3

    Could you please tell me the fastest processing speed(sps) of ADC(8bit) with the following products?   - CYPD3126-42FNXIT   Best Regards Arai
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  • BCR meet PDO over 5A

    If we have special Type-C power adapter PDO is 6.5A, could BCR support to request?
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  • Failed to enter VDM mode process

    Dear,   I made a dock and used the CYPD4236-40LQXI_dock sample code.   (1) In the initial state, I am a Power sink. (2) Then, I actively initiated PR_Swap to become a Power source. (3) Finally, I call dpm_st...
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  • CCG3PA is not responding with GoodCRC when Requested Voltage is 3.3V APDO

    Hi,   I am using CCG3PA in my design, I have made some changes to send request messages to custom PDO's, I am able to send the request messages using available API's in CCG3PA API guide. When I send a request to...
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  • CY4532 Power bank 3-Cell design.

    Hi. Everyone. I'm evaluating power bank using CY4532. I had checked 2-cell operation by default sdk firmware. I want to know how to correct hw and configuration setting if it would use 3cell battery design. Could ...
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  • CYPD3174-24LQXQ cable compensation with optocoupler feedback

    Hello,   I have been using CYP3174-24LQXQ for a 65W AC-DC adapter. I was not able to use the cable compensation with EZPD gui and with the source code in Psoc programmer. Does cable compensation work with the o...
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  • CCG3PA CC Bootloader?

    I have a design based on the CCG3PA (CYPD3175). I would like to be able to update the firmware in the field and wanted to know if there is an easy solution using a Windows utility, USB-C cable and the CCG3PA. The eval...
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  • CCG3PA: Questions about delay and port partner's status

    Hi,   I have a couple questions about CCG3PA:   1. Are CyDelay()/CyDelayUs() blocking functions that may affect system/vital functions from being executed?   2. I noticed that is a time difference be...
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  • NCP81239 and CCG3PA 3171/3175 Code Needed

    Hi,   We are hoping someone converted some of the NCP buck/boost code from the CCG2 to CCG3PA Family   Any help greatly appreciated
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  • Dead battery的 rd_dp 可以设置为sink吗?

    Hi CY Friend,   如题。还是只能工作在DRP模式下?   谢谢 sophie
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  • CCG3のPR_SwapがRejectされてしまう

    Configuration Utilityを用いて、Port Information→PR_Swap responseの項目をRejectからAcceptに変更しました。   しかし、このConfigurationを適用したCCG3にてパケットを確認しますと、通信相手のデバイスからPR_Swapを送信された際にRejectを返しています。   なにか設定上AcceptでもRejectを送信してしま...
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  • CCG3PA Implementation Questions

    Hello,   We were settling on CCG3PA in a new design which is a Type C/Type A dual port charging only, with fixed 5V supply. I had a few more questions about the implementation I was hoping to get answered: ...
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  • CCGx selection

    I want to build a system with USB Type-C (both UFP/DFP power ports) and need to select a CCGx device.   I need to transfer 100W and have VBUS short protection, so this rules out CCG1-3 and 4/4M .CCG5 is not reco...
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  • Qorvo, ACT4751 buck/boost + CCG5

    Hi,   There is an "old" reference design with CCG3PA + ACT475x. Question:   - Is there source-code available for the Qorvo buck/boost available? - If yes, does the CCG3 implementation work on the CCG5 s...
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  • Can CCG5 FW be used for programming to CCG5C

    Hello   They plan to write CCG5 Firmware  to CCG5C using Miniprog or ROM writer, but is it possible to program CCG5 build FW to CCG5C? Since the PartNumber is different between CCG5 and CCG5C, I am thinki...
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  • How do I select the right CCGX IC for my application?

    I am working on implementing my first USB PD design, and I have been having difficulties determining what the right controller IC for my product application would be for the most straight-forward implementation. ...
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  • Need reference design for an application

    Hi,   I want to design a USB-PD application. I want to add PD functionality for a device that has no PD functionality. I also want to show voltage and current values on a I²C display. I am struggled to selec...
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  • Factory programming from Linux

    Hi,   For CCG5 or CCG6, what's the best/fastest way to flash the firmware onto the CCG's?   Note: we have to run from Linux machines, so miniprog/psoc programmer is not an alternative
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