• CCG3PA ADC input pin

    Could you please give us a list about which pin can be a adc input ? Is P2.2 / P2.3 able to be a adc input pin ??
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  • EVQ4230-PD2-R-01A_Rev 3 原理图和BOM问题

    Dears, EVQ4230-PD2-R-01A_Rev 3的原理图 与 EVQ4230-PD2-R-01A_Rev3-BOM  对应不上 具体器件的参数。 请问以哪个为准?比如 C40原理图是2.2nf,但BOM是1.5nf,CGA2B2X7R1H152K050BA。     另外请问HSD装TYPE-C有demo么?多谢!
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    Hello, I create schematic from the reference design CCG3PA 45W car charger with SC8815, i would like to know where can i find the code exemple  for it (not the firmware). Cause i have minor modifications. And ...
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  • Guidance for USB type-C Power Role Swap Design

    I'd like to create a USB type-C power delivery hub with two USB type C receptacles and one USB A receptacle (for power delivery only).  One USB type-C receptacle would be used to connect to charger (wall wart or ...
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  • CCG6 SS Mux

    Hi,   I'm switching away from CCG1 because the part I was using is NRND.  I am planning to switch to the CCG6.  My implementation is a fairly simple device, so my previous implementation was based on t...
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  • ADC input voltage range for CYPD5125

    Hello   Could you please tell me the input volatage range (Min ~ Max) of the ADC.Will the value of Min/Macx of VREF_ADC1(VDDDmin ~VDDDmax) be applied as it is?     Best Regards Arai/Macnica
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  • CCG2 Dead battery condition when Sink voltage is set to 12V and 15V in notebook application.

    Hi all,      We are using CYPD2122 in notebook Application and power adapter application. In power adapter we have set profiles to 5V/3A, 9V/3A, 12V/3A and 15V/3A. When the Notebook application is...
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  • CY7C65219 Tj SPEC.

    https://www.cypress.com/file/402646/download CY7C65219 Tj最大是否為100攝氏度,為何Tj會這麼低 Ta和Tj為何超過規格?     Thanks, Mitchell
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  • USB Serial I2C interface command document?

    I  connected cypd3125 in cy4531 use Micro USB. And I can use I2C API "CyGetI2cConfig" to get configuration.  By "CyI2cWrite", I can send I2C command to cypd3125, and hpi_task will deal it. And now I want t...
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  • Regarding CCG4 CYPD4226-40LQXIT GPIO

    Hello Expert            I'm using CYPD4226-40LQXIT.But I wonder which one can be used as GPIO?which one is special function pad? Is there any document giving detailed desc...
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  • CG3PA Control of "VBUS_P_CTRL" in PSoC Creator

    Hi,   We are considering CYPD3175 of CCG3PA. We have confirmed the CYPD3175 sample project of "EZ-PD CCGx Power SDK" from PSoC Creator.   So we have confirmed the function of "VBUS_P_CTRL". We have confir...
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  • Which pins on a CCG4 can be used for CPIO?

    I'm developing for a CYPD4225-40LQXI.  The datasheet says that 30 pins are available for GPIO.  It isn't clear exactly which pins these are.  I'm currently assuming all are except for the 5 power pins, ...
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  • Is there debug message of the USBPD Library?

    Is there debug message of the USBPD Library? Can I set some #define string to enable it?
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  • CY4541 Evaluation Kit: The output BaudRate of the SW Tx Uart not correct

    In the CYPD4225-40LQXI_notebook project, after I  add a ''SW Tx Uart" component and use it in baudrate 115200. I measured the waveform and found the output baudrate is 1.25x slower than 115200. What's happened? I...
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  • CY4500

    Dear All,   Thank you for your support! I have one question about the spec of CY4500 EZ-PD Protocol analyzer. Does CY4500 support PD3.0? It seems that CY4500 cannot decode the message of PD3.0(ex Programmable ...
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  • CY4501

    Hello,   We use CY4501 REV 07 development board before, but we purchased CY4501 REV 08 this year, this version REV 08 can't match soft Garter_Tester_v1.0.4, please tell me how to solve, or provide new test soft....
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  • Question about Miniprog3 SWD

    Dear Expert, I have a question about Programmer. As I know I can program CCG3PA through Miniprog3 that support SWD. I know that ST link also support SWD, so can I program CCG3PA using ST link of ST. Link here: STLI...
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  • Question about CCG4 programming with Miniprog3 SWD

    Dear Expert           I have question about VDDD voltage when programming CCG4 with Miniprog3 SWD. According to article "KBA96477" ,CCG4 VDDD should be connected to +5V,which i...
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  • EZ-PD CCGx Host SDK compile error

    Dears.   Now I am trying to understand the type of standalone cypress USB PD Host Controller like CCG3 firmware software. So I compile the sample firmware code project supporting from EZ-PD CCGx Host SDK with C...
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  • CY4531 used as Type-C to USB/DP(DFP_D)

    Hi,   The CY4531 dev board has Display Port demo to deliver four-lines DP from PC to display monitor connected to USB Type-C. Can this dev board be used as docking solution, e.g. split USB Type-C signals from h...
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