• UVP when CYPD3120 is powered via VCONN?

    Hi!   We are making a "USB-C to DC" adapter that should support up to 20V. We don't want to power the CYPD3120 thru VBUS since we feel that using the internal LDO generates too much heat when going from 20V VBUS...
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  • Question about CY4532 for 100W(20V/5A) PowerSource

    Hello   They want to operate CY4532 (CCG3PAKIT) as a 100W (20V / 5A) PowerSource, but we are thinking that CY4532 needs to be modified.(ex. Buck-Boost controller /power inductance,/power MOSFET /filter capacitor...
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  • CYPD 3171-24LQXQ

    Hi,   My electrical design engineer is using the CYPD 3171-24LQXQ IC to control USB C and A ports.   There is a sub-system ARM M0 Processor in that IC  - is that ARM available to run a separate progr...
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  • CCG3 Apple and QC Modes Supported

    Looking to confirm what Apple and QC charge modes the CCG3 supports - from page 184 of the TRM there is a fuzzy picture and it looks like Apple 1A and Apple 2A modes but no support for Apple 2.4A (although CCG3PA seem...
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  • Recommended firmware template for CCG3

    Hi,   Would you please recommend me an initial firmware "template" (from the SDK) and the required steps, how to change the firmware to achieve the following features?   - CCG3 shall perform PD management f...
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  • About BCR reference KIT

    Hello   They will use the BCR reference KIT(CY4533) to operate as a 20V / 5A Power Sink, but is it possible? Please let us know if it needs to be aware of the above evaluations or change the circuit,etc.   ...
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  • Is CCCG1 programmable?

    Hi, I want to make a USB-C cable project using CCCGx chips. They have ARM processors and some GPIOs, even serial ports such as I²C, UART. Can I write my own program in it? If yes, how? Thanks.
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  • Can CCG4M (CYPD4155) be initially programmed on SCB4?

    We have a design with CYPD4155 where SCB4 is connected to a host processor, and SWD nor any other I2C ports are connected. Will the factory bootloader on this part accept programming on SCB4?
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  • EZ-PD configuration utility example target connection

    Hi, Just getting started with EZ-PD.  I have a target board of my own design using the CCG2.   I am able to connect to the target using the MiniProg3 but for now I just want to do some config updates wi...
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  • About the 5V charging for CMG1-E Marker

    Hello   About CMG1 E-Marker In the case of 5A charging, it is understood that SOP prime or SOP double prime packet is sent and confirmed after detecting Rp/Rd. Q1-1)Is the content of the packet to be transmitt...
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  • Can CCG5 be used for new product designs?

    Hello, I was looking through the CCG5 product page and I noticed that it says that it's not meant to be used in new designs. Is this still the case?   Best, Ben
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  • Does CCG3 measure current?

    Hi, Does CCG3 measure VBUS current using 10mOhm resistor between “OC” and “VBUS_P” pins? It uses those pins for OC. But I wonder it can also measure the VBUS current. If yes, can it be read ove...
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  • CCG4 Firmware update using another CCG4 via CC line

    Hi,   I am using CCG4(CYPD4126) in my design. I need some info regarding CCG4 FW update.   As I know CCG4(CYPD4126) firmware can be updated by using Miniprog3.   We can use CCG4(CYPD4126)  to up...
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  • Schematic for bus analyzer CY4500 EZ-PD

    Hi,   How this analyzer measure voltage and current? Is there any shunt-resistor on bus VBUS? Is there any schematic file?   Thanks
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  • CCG3の暗号化ハードウェア実装に関して

    CCG3には暗号化HardWareは内蔵されているが、 Default FirmWareでは使用していないようです。   将来的にCCG3のFirmWareバージョンアップで、 この暗号機とXIDを使った機器間認証機能が追加される可能性はあるのでしょうか?
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  • About  ALT mode log for SVIDs

    Hello   Before evaluating the CCG3PA, a customer asked us to deepen their understanding of ALT Mode. Attach log when HDMI adapter is connected to macbook. Line 32 responds to the Discover Identity command with...
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  • CCG3 resetting after turning on VBUS_C_CTRL

    I have a CYPD3120 that resets 10 ms after I turn the sink FETs on.  Is there some DPM condition that needs to be met in that time period?    Below is an oscilloscope image of the issue.  VBUS (ye...
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  • CCG6SF / VBUS_C_CTRL , VBUS_P_CTRL / Active Low or High

    Do VBUS_C_CTRL and VBUS_P_CTRL pins active low or high on CCG6SF/DF?   Kyle
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  • NCP81239 and CCG3PA 3171/3175 Code Needed

    Hi,   We are hoping someone converted some of the NCP buck/boost code from the CCG2 to CCG3PA Family   Any help greatly appreciated
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  • Replacing all connectors on a portable system by a single USB Type-C connector

    Hello,   We are in the last design phase of our new ultrasound scanner.   On all of our previous ultrasound scanners we had a power input connector to charge the battery, few USB host connectors and a vide...
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