• Configuring CCG3PA to respond with NAK for VDMs(DiscID, DiscSVID....)

    Hello All / RajathB_01,   I've to configure ccg3pa to respond with NAKs for DiscID packets initiated by the DUT. Is it possible to do in Ez-PD configuration utility or Do we need to tweak the ccg3pa SrcCode ? ...
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  • Need assistance for CCG3 schematic

    Hi,   I would like you to have a look at following schematics and review/criticize/recommend. It will be a UFP device with TFT-LCD display and buttons. Some blocks/components are displayed black, I don't know w...
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  • CCG3 PDO order is automatically changed

    Configuration UtilityにてPDOの電流/電圧値を変更した際に、.cyacdに書きだした後に 再度開くとPDOの順番が変わることがあります。   何かルールがあるのでしょうか。   変更前、変更内容 PDO0: 5V2A→5V1.5Aに変更 PDO1: 5V3A PDO2: 9V1.1A→9V1Aに変更 PDO3: 9V2A   変更後 PDO0...
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  • CYPD3125におけるUser Parametersの格納アドレス

    Configuration Utilityにて設定可能な"User Parameters"の値は、CCG3のどのアドレスに格納されるのでしょうか。 EC側からどこにアクセスしてReadすればよいでしょうか。     下記KBAにはConfiguration Utility User Manualを参照してください、とありますが、そこには格納先の記載がありません。 https://community.cyp...
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  • CYPD3120 - EZ-PD configuration utility - command line

    We want to update FW in command line. Could you please provide us command line tool to update CYPD3120.
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  • [CCG3PA] How can I check the code size of example code about CYPD3171-24LQXQ_pb

    Hi,   I'm planing to start the project with CCG3pa. firstly, I need to know how to handle PSoC Creator to generate binary file for my project.   So I've downloaded CCGx Power SDK and install PSoC Creator ...
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  • CCG3PA ADC Range

    Hi All, On the CCG3PA, what is the range of the GPIO ADC? Is it simply VDD? Can it be changed in software?   thanks!
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  • CYPD3175 with UFP DisplayPort

    I am trying to use CCG3PA (CYPD3175) with DisplayPort functionality. I have modified the profile in EZ-PD Configuration Utility to have the CYPD3175 to be a power source and a data role swap occurs so that the data po...
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  • Current drive capability of CYPD3177 FAULT pin?

    Hello Cypress team,   What is the current drive capability of the FAULT pin on the CYPD3177 BCR chip when drive a HIGH value in case of a fault condition. I did not find a specification in the datasheet.  ...
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  • How to post a schematic for assistance from Cypress?

    I designed a schemtaic with CCG3 and would like to send it to cypress experts for comments. Where and how can I post it? Thanks.
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  • Is CCG5 a Halogen-Free?

    Is CCG5 a  Halogen-Free? Could you please provide us the docmenet ?
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  • CCG3PA: Missing "GOOD CRC" ACK Response

    I've got a CYPD3171-24LQXQ that I'm attempting to get working as an UFP (sink) and am having trouble even getting essentially the stock Power Bank demo to successfully negotiate a power contract.   Unfortunatel...
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  • CCG3PA: Error: FLASH READ Row failed

    Hi,   I have a CCG3PA (CYPD3171) project that I am able to update via SWD interface, but it gives me "FLASH READ Row failed" and "Failed to read CCGx Configration" errors when I tried to update over CC using CY4...
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  • CYPD3120 - USB Bootloader GUI and ADC

    1). We are develop product using CCGx SDK - CYPD3120. it can FW upgrade by EZ-PD configuration utility but we need to customize it. so please provide USB Bootloader windows F/W upgrade GUI example code to us .  ...
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  • CCG3PA as PD Only Sink device.

    Hi All,   I've a ccg3pa DVK kit and configured it as only PD Snk using EZ-PD Configuration utility (expecting there should not be DRP toggle further). But After a successful PD contract using above configured c...
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  • CYPD3171 CCG3PA 100watt 5A Sink Capability with Captive Cable (NO EMCA)

    Hi,   So we are working on a 5A 20Volt Sink device that will utilize a very short 5inch cable that has high current capability so no EMCA is needed but we would need to advertise (mimic)  the 5A Cable respo...
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  • Application programming for CCG3 (CYPD3120)

    Hi, I want to add my application into firmware sourcecode of CCG3 (CYPD3120). I don't know where I can start. I opened the notebook example project in PSoC Creator 4.2 and looked at firmware code. I was able to com...
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  • Can one TCPWM component give two channel PWM wave?

    Hi CY Friend,   I have a question, the TCPWM component can give two channel PWM wave: line and line_n. on psoc 4 series mcu can it give two channel on CCG4?   Thanks sophie
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  • CCG2 Paddle Card Design using CY4502 and EZ-PD Configuration Utility

    I am trying to implement the CCG2 Paddle Card Reference Design using the CY4502 and CY4501 development kits. The reference design and files I am using are from here: https://www.cypress.com/documentation/reference-des...
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  • About the fastest processing speed for CCG3

    Could you please tell me the fastest processing speed(sps) of ADC(8bit) with the following products?   - CYPD3126-42FNXIT   Best Regards Arai
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