This project was submitted by @Jeromedominic in the PSoC 6 and Wi-Fi/Bluetooth Connected Cloud Challenge on Element14.



Project Technology Focuses

  • PSoC® 6 Arm® Cortex®-M4 and Cortex-M0+ MCU
  • CYW4343W 802.11n Wi-Fi + Dual-Mode Bluetooth Radio
  • AWS IoT Cloud Services
  • Servo Motor Control


Project Requirements 





Project Description

This project recognized the benefits that IoT devices can have on an aging population that needs to take multiple different types of medication throughout the day – which can be incredibly confusing and deserves some automation. This Smart Pill Dispenser project create an Alexa skill that when initiated, dispensed a particular pill with a small Servo Motor driven by PSoC 6. PSoC 6 in this project also drives a graphical display that displays which pills have been provided to the patient during the day so far.

smart pilll.PNG



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