This project was submitted by Ashok Ra in Make With Mesh: The Cypress & Digi-Key Bluetooth 5 IoT Design Contest Sponsored by Embedded Computing Design and was one of the winners


Project Technology Focuses

  • CYW20819 Dual-Mode Bluetooth 5 MCU
  • Bluetooth Mesh


Project Requirements




Project Description

This Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) project set out to implement Bluetooth Mesh in a car, leveraging the 4 mesh nodes of the EZ-BT™ Bluetooth Mesh Development Kit on each of the 4 tires of a car. Each node streamed sensor data to a central hub which was a CYW20819 Arduino Eval Kit connected to a E-Ink Display. The data would be processed on the CYW20819 and then displayed on the E-Ink. Raising the temperate of the car via AC would change the sensor values being streamed to the hub via the CYW20819 based Mesh network.


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