This project was created by the Cypress Partner: Atmosphere. Atmosphere has developed a low-code web IDE platform to simplify sensor to cloud design.



Project Technology Focuses

  • CYW20819 Dual-mode Bluetooth 5 MCU
  • Atmosphere IoT Low-code Web IDE


Project Requirements




Project Description

This Smart House Demo was created within the Atmosphere low-code web IDE. It is powered by the CYW20819 Dual-Mode Bluetooth 5 MCU. The CYW20819 Arduino Eval Kit is used as a basis for this prototyping platform. It is placed within an actual Smart House enclosure, and connected to some external sensors as well as a relay to control a small fan. The CYW20819 Arduino Eval Kit sends sensor data via BLE to an Atmosphere Mobile App (ready-to-use, provided by Atmosphere). Through the mobile app a user can set the fan to turn on/off based on a certain set point.


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