This project was created by an extremely talented Cypress Employee: Holger Wech who is a Sr. Staff Applications Engineer in the Internet, Compute & Wireless Business Unit (ICW).


Project Technology Focuses

  • PSoC 6 Arm® Cortex®-M4 and Cortex-M0+ MCU
  • NB-IoT LPWAN Connectivity


Project Requirements 


Project Description

This project showcases how PSoC 6 is an ideal host MCU for not only Wi-Fi or Bluetooth applications, but also LPWAN connectivity technologies such as NB-IoT. NB-IoT is a low-power, wide area network suited for high-volume, low-power nodes that may be in areas with challenging radio environments. The PSoC 6 MCU Dev Kit was connected to the Digi NB-IoT Xbee Module through a SparkFun Arduino à Xbee transposer board. The PSoC 6 MCU Dev Kit also hosts an environmental sensor shield from SparkFun. Temperature, relative humidity and barometric pressure is processed on PSoC 6, then sent to Deutsche Telekom's Cloud of Things (CoT). A CoT online dashboard is also created which visualizes the sensor data over time.


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